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  1. As the owner of X4B, I wish to pipe up about this thread: http://www.spigotmc.org/threads/x4b-ddos-protection.2423/ its locked so obviously I cant add to it direct.

    I dont wan to pick a fight with staff, but I wish to point out that judging someone a scam just because they offer affordable prices isnt exactly ethical. We clearly state our limits in clean bandwidth, attack bandwidth and packets per second for all our services. Which allows us to offer very precisely costed services.

    Your claim of $25 per Gbit may be true in an individual purchasing capability, but when you are buying for 50-100 clients you get much better rates. Ill take it as a compliment that you say we are too good to be true, it means we are doing something right!

    Just for peoples interest our US protection is based out of CNServers and our EU protection Voxility. Both these companies have considerable bulk options, which is obviously how we operate.

    Still unsure? We have a trial available on our US services (sorry no EU at this stage until our new allocation from APNIC arrives), you need to have a Paypal account and $1 (for verification purposes) to try it but you are welcome to.

    In regards to the bandwidth limits. PAYG is intended for smaller not larger plans, if you need a larger allocation contact us and we will discuss a custom plan. In the US its about $7.50 per additional TB (within reason) and RO $35 per additional TB although these figures are subject to revision depending on your attack risk.

    Our NL location should be a little cheaper (hopefully) for additional bandwidth in exchange for reduced protection thresholds (2Gbit/s - 3Gbit burst protection).

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