Xbox One controller or PS4 controller

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Which one?

  1. Xbox One controller

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  2. PS4 controller

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  1. Hi guys,
    I'm currently have a trouble with controllers. I want to buy two joysticks to play some games with them and also play Split Screen games with my brother. I've been wondering which control is the best (I'm using Windows 10) for those tasks.

    I'd like to hear feedback from you if you have one of these, and which one you recommend for PC gaming.

    Cheers, Nahuel.
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  2. For sure the Xbox one controller man, it just feels nicer when your playing a game.
  3. Personally, I think xbox controller is better, but just because I have hands bigger than normal. You should try at your friends' house though, in order to understand which is the best for you. I know that xbox controller can be connected to pc more easily than ps4 controller, maybe I'm wrong.
  4. md_5

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    This thread is OOOLD, but yeah xbox because of PC and good grip
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  5. Foxvific


    Furthermore, there's a native driver for Xbox controllers shipped along with Windows 10.
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  6. PC is better than Xbox
  7. Songoda


    Honestly, I love the PS4 controller, It feels better in your hands, its lighter, got a sexy glow. Use it honestly. xD
  8. I like the layout of the xbox controller better but I don't like the feel of the xbone controller in my hands. Xbox360 controller is my favorite (apart from the awful d-pad) but when it comes to current gen console controllers, I prefer the PS4 controller.
  9. it's just what you grew up using i guess. i stick with xbox controller since i've had an xbox almost all of my life, apart from when i had a ps2, good days.

    xbox controller is nicely laid out and the triggers are so much nicer than the ps3/ps4's.
  10. Xbox controller is much nicer to hold in my opinion. I also like the rubber grip on the xbox controller.
    I think that the concave shape too of the sticks make it feel nicer on my thumbs.
  11. I think I would have to choose PS4
  12. I'd choose the ps4
  13. Xbox for sure. Xbox controller feels better with people with big hands. (No I am not Trump).
  14. I feel xbox one is a nicer feel
  15. I think:
    XBox controller better than Dualshock 4.
  16. Get one that supports both :p I prefere XBox with Ps4 support.

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