Xenforo 1.x vs 2.x

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by xSinclare, Dec 23, 2017.

  1. So I plan on purchasing Xenforo in the near future for a server that I am working on. Last month Xenforo 2.0.0 officially released it exiting beta. Things started rolling now with a few themes and add-ons. However, Xenforo 1.x still has so much more to offer. However, I can see 2018 a big year for Xenforo 2.x. Should I step up to the plate and kick things off with Xenforo 2.x or should I step back and enter with Xenforo 1.x? I have been messing about with Xenforo 2.x for the past month and I'm really liking what it has to offer and what's to come in the future. It would be great to hear opinions from you all on this matter.
  2. If you buy Xenforo, you can download all of the releases. You can make a site with 1.0 to test how you like it, then you delete it and do the same with 2.0,

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