Xenforo Email confirmation sending problem

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by dazhawk12, Jun 2, 2017.

  1. Can someone help me with my xenforo email confirmation sending, I have tunred on access to less secure apps on googleapps, but it still is throwing up email errors

  2. What's the website URL? I can take a look.
  3. How exactly did you set this up? Screenshot your SMTP settings. This looks completely wrong...
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  4. It might be worth using a dedicated service to send emails. Gmail will work, but it's not made for that purpose. Something like Amazon SES, MailGun or such might be better.

    If you insist on using Gmail, disable any 2FA on the account and whatnot.
  5. Just run me by what 2fa is, and it's weird because it was working yesterday when i set it up
  6. JamesJ


    Have you actually signed up for GSuite? Otherwise, you can't use your own email address (fair-gaming.eu)
  7. Yes i have and the domain is already verified
  8. You are aware that GSuite isn't free forever, right? I'd suggest using a free alternative like MailJet, which gives 6,000 free emails a month.
  9. You site doesn't support the SSL option that you have set in the options, so change that TLS, and change the port to "587", and the web address to the gmail relay "smtp-relay.gmail.com". This should solve your problem.
  10. That didn't work either :( this is so frustrating.. I'll try the malljet thing see if that works
  11. I use MailJet on two of my forums, and it works perfectly fine. I take it you're not looking to send emails to a large number of users?