[xenforo] How to add a custom nav bar at the top of your page?

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  1. Hey there!

    I was wondering how to add a custom navigation bar at the top of the forums without having use a iframe?
    For exmaple, this server has done it... how do you do this?

    How would I add my own navigation bar? I already have the html file for my navigation bar I want, I'm just unsure on adding into xenforo templates (if this is how you even do it lol)

    Any people know?
    Thank you.
  2. Why are you using Dyescape logo for your website lol
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  3. I didn't know it was already being used, but either way I got a new one being made.
  4. "already being used"

    Uhm, didn't they make their own logo, meaning you simply ripped it?
    Maybe @MrDienns can explain this to me, I might just misunderstand this all.
  5. So you think someone randomly made it and then just left it there for someone else to pick up? You can't just use someone elses logo. It's my logo, and I am the copyright holder of it. Remove it.

    Hell, you probably just found it on my website, took 70% of my projects name, including the logo, and then built your own website.

    I am honestly flattered you recognized it. Thanks for mentioning it.
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  6. Yep, that explains it in detail. Thanks Dyescape dude.

    Well, if they're stealing that stuff, who says they're xenforo license is registered, immah go check with the xenforo team. If it has a license, no harm done.
  7. Fun fact, you can see OPs effort on stealing the logo simply by opening the original image on the website, looking top left corner and notice how he tried to get rid of the shadow effect that the original has;



    That stealing is definitely not done by accident.
  8. AP > Options > Public Nav


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  10. You are welcome, hope he removes it lol
  11. @Shprqness can you just add normal HTML into there?