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  1. Who knows what software looks the most like XenForo? Thanks!

    (Not XenForo itself. Im not stupid)
  2. Why are u stupid when using XenForo?

    - vBulletin
    - IP.Board
    - NodeBB
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  3. Nameless is an option, which looks like UI.X on XenForo... but its functionality is severely limited and it's not too pretty imo...
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  4. It's not pretty? The great thing about NamelessMC is the customisation in my opinion, I think it's great and you can make it look amazing if you just spend a little bit of time on it
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  5. I get errors when installing it... Alrady contacted @samerton
  6. I heard xenforo v2 is good.
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  7. What's the error?
    I'm using v2 at the moment and I find it amazing honestly.
    I'm really surprised it's free and the support and help offered by Samerton is absolutely amazing.
    I can't recommend NamelessMC enough.
  8. NamelessMC is overused... I wouldn't use it at all.
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  9. How is something over used?
    Would you prefer to have a shit website like something from Enjin?
  10. Okay fine, how is over use a bad thing?
    Look at XenForo, that's used a lot.
    Other things, plugins.
    Would you use Featherboard? Or Deluxechat? Or any other massively successful plugin? Or are they over used.
    Over use isn't necessarily a bad thing
  11. latiku


    Xenforo + Enjin are overused. What's your point?
  12. NamelessMC is free and so is enjin, which equals lower quality and do you see people not say enjin is cancer?
    Anyway Xenforo v1 was overused, Xenforo v2 is new and improved
  13. As is NamelessMC 2.0?
    You've legit just destroyed your own point.
    And how does free equal lower quality? look at every free plugin there is and say that
  14. latiku


    Ah okay, so with the sense of logic you're pointing me towards I might as well say EssentialsX is shit and EssentialsX-Premiun is better because it takes regular EssentialsX and adds a price tag.
  15. Read the question...

    Config unavaileble
    Nameless isnt overused. XF is.
  16. After entering the Database? Press f5 to refresh the page and it should've loaded
  17. People saying "Enjin" - What are you, 8? If you're using Enjin you're one of the worst server owners out there..
    MyBB - A little messy, strange to navigate for people who are use to other software, themes & addons/plugins are typically premium & take a bit to create one yourself, has a nice UserCP, ModCP, AdminCP
    NamelessMC - Eh.. extremely unconfigurable, sloppy, confusing, good for a lazy person though
    XenForo - expensive, super simple to setup, good for lazy people, themes I don't know about, plugins/addons are expensive, requires a license to download free addons from their community (I know tons of owners don't have a license.. I don't..)
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