Xenforo logo at top help.

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  1. Just look in your style properties. It's under header.
  2. There's nothing there. I don't know what to edit in the header.css either.
  3. Don't touch any stylesheets, make all your adjustments in extra.css.

    To increase the height of that area you've to set a height to #logoBlock

    Code (Text):
    #logoBlock {
  4. Thanks :).

    How do I center the logo at the top then?
  5. FYI no clue if this is just for me but your image and background take FOREVER to load.
  6. Instant for me :p
  7. Takes a little while for it to load for me too.
  8. Yours is cached. Compress your images please.
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  9. Thought so. I guess just look up image compressor?
  10. Original file (bg.png) 757kb, compressed file (bg-2.png) 345kb (both file sizes is what Windows says). Both files attacted. To @TheGamesHawk2001 if ya want the files removed (although anyone can still access them through your site), then just quote saying so.

    EDIT: I use http://tinypng.com

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  11. Yeah Google Page Speed Insights will help you get a higher ranking on Google and make your website better in general ;)

    It also has some great links to image compressors.

    Edit: the forums slut did it for you <3
  12. Compressed them significantly! How do I clear cache for certain pages?

    EDIT: Double ninja, thought ninjas worked alone?!?
  13. I think xenforo caches your images; not sure though. Also if you are on CloudFlare you'll need to clear the cache for those images as well. Your webserver may cache them as well. It depends on your setup.