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  2. Does this support xenforo 2.0?
  3. Not at the moment, I will be adding support for it shortly.
  4. That will be great! thx :)
  5. No problem feel free to join our discord for updates regarding my add on. Our bot is down at the moment as I've bought a new server so I need to set that up again but one of our staff will manually assign you the member role.
  6. Can you please do the same for WoltLab: Burning Board?
  7. I'll look into it for you as its a whole new API so it may take a while.
  8. What version are you using its not updated to xenforo v2 yet as I don't personally use xf 2.
  9. Please update to Xenforo 2
  10. any plans for xenforo 2?
  11. Possibly I have been really busy recently but ill take a look at updating it.
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  12. Update:
    • I have begun work on updating my XenForo addon to work with version 2 and I will be moving the addon to its own dedicated website so that I can better support it.
    • This is a complete recode meaning that it won't be compatible with XF1, but data such as user avatars already synced from the current version will remain compatible.
    • I will also be making it a premium resource meaning that you will have to purchase a copy of it. With this purchase, you will receive premium support and lifetime updates along with the addon. It will be reasonably priced and won't cost more than €10.
    • The new recode will come packed with new features such as role syncing and permission syncing for staff accounts along with the ability for your players to register for the forums in-game.
    • Additionally, I will be looking for some beta testers to help test the addon when it's ready to be released, In return for helping by finding and reporting bugs to me, you will receive a single-use non-transferable copy of the plugin licenced to one domain of your choice. There will be a limited amount of places available, So please contact me via Discord #EIRE_Dev#2312 if you are interested.
  13. i will happily pay for this but i cannot get in touch with you!

    i've been trying just to edit the default avatar line in the "core_avatar.less" file but have been unsuccessful.
    Code (Text):
                background-color: @xf-avatarBg;
                background-image: url("http://minotar.net/helm/{$account}/500.png");
                background-size: cover;
                > span { display: none; }
    but i can't get it to work.