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Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by bewildered, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. Hey Everyone,

    I just wanted to know all of your guys opinions. Our highschool's developing class gives us free licenses for the Xenforo Forum software. I am starting up a new server and just wanted to know what you guys use and prefer. I am currently using Enjin for my server called LunaPVP.com but am considering switching to Xenforo. Some people although say Xenforo is complicated but others say ultimately after going through the setup, its way better than enjin.

    Let me know what your opinion is.

  2. what fucking high school is that
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  3. maldahleh

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    XenForo isn't more complicated, it's easy to use, and I would definitely use it over Enjin any day. You have complete control over XenForo where as with Enjin you have to be on their servers, I also find XenForo a lot cleaner, and more feature full than Enjin.
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  4. Monroe Township High School, Senior Advanced Programming Languages C
  5. maldahleh

    Wiki Team

    Out of curiousity, why are they giving out XenForo licences in a programming course?
  6. I join you class later this year! you get free XenForo licenses ...

    At my school Programming lessons are: "Describe the usage of if/else" and I have Programming about 2 1/2 years :( very disappointing
  7. maybe cuz they have a better and more modern school as in many other countys? including mine
  8. What!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lucky you. I currently use enjin but would love to move to Xenforo.
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  9. The school buys a bulk of xenforo license. We were learning on how to develop add-ons and plugins for xenforo. They gave us each a license to use and to install on a hosting server. They have more licenses for next year so we get to keep the license if we please.
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  10. lets join his school!
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  11. Its actually a very nice school, just recently built 2 years ago. Was 35th best highschool in New Jersey
  12. Cldfire

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    Free XenForo license + learning how to make add-ons for it? Uh...

    The choice is obvious.
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  13. I know right?
  14. But enjin lets me make my own custom domain for my server. Would I be able to do the same on a cpanel with xenforo?
  15. Since you can get a license pretty easily, go for it!
    You'll be achieving a lot with Xenforo than Engin.
  16. Of course! What do you think the domain will be anyways then?
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  17. Well right now my domain is lunapvp.com My domain for my server is pvp.lunapvp.com.
  18. The closest I've ever gotten to free software is some Autodesk stuff which I should apparently use to build 3D models or something.
  19. But do you think players would rather use enjin because you can use one account for all the websites? An example is mineplex. The have a enjin website, but on the other hand, Hypixel uses Xenforo.
  20. Honestly, that's not big of a deal. Engin is a mess on its own.