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Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by Venomous_Creeper, May 28, 2017.

  1. Hello,

    So I got a Xf license, downloaded the files and sent it to my friend, it's been installed by him but the footer below doesn't link to Xf which from the legit websites I saw it does. Does anyone know what's causing it? I'm worried that they might've installed one with a backdoor unknowingly :(
  2. Can you give us your XenForo license validation token so we know that your license is legit? You may find out how to get yours here.
  3. Sounds like you got a nulled XF download and it looks illegitimate so you're wondering how you can make it look legitimate again.
  4. PMed, I can't share my site publicly atm :)
  5. I downloaded the files from the Xenforo site.
  6. License is valid. @Venomous_Creeper , sorry but there are dozens of kids who ask help with pirated software.
    I don't know whether your friend actually installed the files you sent them, but it is a style problem that can be easily resolved. Just go to the templates, search for the one called "footer.css" and edit the link.
  7. Okay I will look into that tomorrow, my main concern is the possible security problems with nulled software. Is there another way to check if the install is legit aside from the link?
  8. Sounds like an underlying issue. That should never, on a default installation, have no link. If the correct files are installed, then there should be no issue. I wouldn't rely on just adding the link back. Do a fresh reinstall with those files. If your friend is too incapable to do it, ask someone else or your host to do it.
  9. The license is fine. What's nulled is your theme. Flat Awesome (the theme you're using) costs $25. If it's nulled, remove it asap.
  10. Flat Awesome is free, it's the plus that costs money.
  11. Where are you installing it? The host might be having trouble reaching the Xenforo validation server.
  12. I think the issue is clear, you gave him the files that come from the source, he has to use those - not his personal set of pirated stuff .. if he claims he used your files, and you trust him. Then build a new parent style that has no modifications .. and load that. It should be fine.

    If any nulled files are used, yes, you run the risk of getting a dmca to your host for running unlicensed copy, it doesn't matter if you have a set of licensed files - the issue can then be resolved with replacing the pirated stuff with licensed stuff and you can validate the license with the xenforo guys obviously.

    If the person that helps you is someone you trust: Then stick by that.. open a support ticket with xenforo, and ask! your license comes with support (obviously).

    You don't need your friend to upload the files. You can upload them yourself, it's not that hard.

    settings for your sftp client: merge existing directories, overwrite existing files.
    chmod (with recursive) the data and internal data directories, and run the installer.

    if it's an existing database with forums, threads, posts, users, .. then dont run install. Run upgrade, if your files are newer (1.5.13) than what's online already.

    ANYWAY: xenforo.com can give you proper support. much better than we can here.
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