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  1. XenForo version: 1.15.18

    I am trying to create a small italian plugin community with functions like spigot and i have 2 questions:

    1. How can i add minecraft server version/native mc server version, contributors ecc.. option like spigot/bukkit?
    2. I searched everywere how to add an antipiracy api for paid resources like spigot, i use RM Marketplace, please i really need help!

    Thank you for your time! <3
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  2. Do not you think question this rather belongs to the xenforo official forum?
  3. XenForo support for licensed XenForo is best asked on xenforo.com community.
  4. I would suggest checking the resource page for RM Marketplace. Im sure someone there could help you.
    I doubt many people in the minecraft community know much about resource management on a xenforo site, since most people here aren't putting resources on their own sites.

  5. I fixed my-self the first one but i don't really know how to do the second one,
    for this things here i can get more help than the xenforo community.
  6. Is that just another way of saying: i didn't pay for it, so they wont help me?
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  7. Yes. :ROFLMAO:
    Not at All, my license is paid but my friend paid it and he's in hollydays so i can't tell him to ask on XenForo forum.

    AnyOne can help? If you have to tell random things like "Go xenforo forum" just don't write.
  8. Like I said previously, the majority of people on Spigot forums, are server operators and Plugin devs. Neither of those two groups would have a Xenforo page with a resource section. So you probably won't find much help here.
    Since you cant seem to verify your ownership, and then you respond with "my license is paid but my friend paid it and he's in hollydays" seems like one of the many generic responses to people who download leaked/nulled versions of software.
    If you are using a leaked piece of software, i frankly dont care, but you aren't going to get much help from this community.
    If your friend truly did buy you the xenforo license, then ask him for his login so you can get help on Xenforo's forums.

    IF I have problems with my mac, i dont ask for help on spigot, i ask for help on Apples support site. Its just common knowledge that you ask for support on the appropriate channels for the product you are working with.