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  1. I wasn't sure which category this would be best to post in so I chose this one, but my question is, how would I go abouts to creating a website portal for my players when they go to my homepage? I plan to do something with the same intentions that Desteria has here. I want to have Forums, Store, Vote and Bans included and also the amount of players I have online. I'm currently using Xenforo software on my website. http://wantedmc.net
  2. You want to have your XenForo install located in a sub-directory of your webserver's root (i.e. /community/), then make an HTML page as the root index.

    You're going to need server-side scripting for the player count.
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  3. What about the query fuction? Lol.
  4. Which query function, and what about it? :)
  5. Minecraft' query fuction. You know the query port? And how EVERY Server list works without a plugin on the server.
  6. That's what you'd be using to retrieve the data in the first place. Still requires server-side scripting.
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  7. This should be fun considering I have no experience with web development. Oh fun.
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  8. The data is grabbed with PHP, though. jQuery is not a network querying tool. Quite the opposite.
  9. Technically you still grab the data.. so.
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  10. You just proved my point?
    Seriously, do you even know what jQuery is? Do you have any idea how web development works? How server-side & client-side languages differ?
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  11. Think I could have a walkthrough through this?
  12. are you trying to do a portal like this ?
  13. I work with runescapejon (Above)

    If you like the portal above contact us by PMing me or him.
  14. You'd be better hiring someone who knows how to do this.
  15. I'm not really looking to spend some money atm tbh. Thanks for the offers though.

    EDIT: Plus $50 for a website portal seems like a bit too much. I have to save money for the artwork.
  16. Brock and i can offer it for free