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Hook your permissions into Xenforo!

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    XenPermissions - Hook your permissions into Xenforo!

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  2. From my testing it seems this does not work with XenForo 1.2 or higher, as the custom fields are stored differently now, meaning that your query used wouldn't work. It should still work fine with XenForo 1.1 or lower
  3. Using it nicely with Xenforo 1.2.2 at the moment.
  4. Even when using a custom user field that contains the minecraft username instead of basing it off of the forum user name having to be the minecraft user name?
  5. I haven't tested it fully, and I haven't put it into production use either yet... I will try and get a fix if this is the case.

    Thanks for pointing this out! Another reason for putting it publicly is that bugs get spotted better :p
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  6. Code (MySQL):
    SELECT user_group_id,secondary_group_ids FROM xf_user WHERE username = ?;
    I think, this variable of request is more universal ;)
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  7. Can you send me a exampele of the setup file because I have mine as the forum name is the username and also the example is kind of confusing.
  8. Use martyanov12's getGroups variable if the forum name is the same as the Minecraft username.
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  9. Code (YAML):
    : localhost
    : SELECT user_group_id,secondary_group_ids FROM xf_user WHERE username = ?;
    : pex user {0} delete
    : pex user {0} group set {1}
    : pex user {0} group set {1}
    : Group one
    : Group two
    : Group three
    xenForo 1.2.x, MCPC+ 1.5.2|SpigotMC 1.5.2|CraftBukkit 1.5.2
    For this plugin more strong permission group (xenforo group id) must be > than lower... Sorry for my bad english, example:
    Free group - xenForo group id 4
    Donate 1 - xenForo group id 5
    Donate 2 - xenforo group id 6

    Stuff permissions (if they are in groups) adds per world:
    /pex user <username> group add <group> [WORLD]
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  10. Updated the description of the plugin to include a getGroups variable for Xenforo 1.2.x.
  11. I got a Q so in the commands like when I do pex user {0} group set {1} what do the numbers mean. I am also wondering if someone can give me a example on when I rank a user up to admin on the forums it will rank them on the server. Thanks
  12. So, if player named "winter4w" were to join group "member"
    {1} would equal "member" and {0} would equal "winter4w".
    Code (Text):
    pex user winter4w group set member
    They are variables, {#} is used by the plugin to fill in the gaps.

    Now, every time a player logs in, it will purge(delete) any groups, then use the above PEX command to set them to the right rank. This happens on every player login. I'm not an expert on PEX, so you'll have to follow martyanov12's commands.
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  13. I am having a issue when I rank people on the forums they don't get ranked on the server. Ia m using the config he had also with my mysql info
  14. Are there any errors showing in the server logs on it?
  15. This plugin works incorrect with BungeeCord =\ Yesterday linked my servers to it, and upgrades not works =\
  16. I had this plugin made for standalone, non-bungee servers I'm afraid. If needs be you can coerce md_5 into updating it more with $$$ since he made it (after he's done with 1.7 dev of course)
    I would be happy to post updated versions here.
  17. No

    That will explain it I use bungee and I put it on all my server's

    Yea that will be awesome it will make it allot easier to rank people up on like 20 servers lol
  18. I'm not prepared to pay for something I won't use :/
  19. Outlaw11A


    Just to clarify, if I change a player's rank in game with PermissionsEx, will the plugin change the Xenforo database so that the player is in the new rank on the Xenforo forums?
  20. No, main upgrade is xenForo`s upgrade.