Xenporta Avatar Size Change

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by SlayerMarth, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. Hi,

    I made a thread about this before, but I think I'd have a better chance posting it in this section.
    So, here goes.​

    What I need help with is changing the actual size of the avatars that are to the right of your news post via Xenporta. If you go to my website @ http://apex-factions.com, look at the news post labeled "Server is Now Open!" by Poseidon_94. To the right, you'll see his profile picture. If you inspect it, the size is 48x48 (I think. Using my phone so I can't see.)

    What I want to do is make that a decent amount bigger. I know it's in the css somewhere, but I don't know what templates to look at or what to look for and change. So if someone could kindly point me to exactly where/what I need to do, I'd REALLY appreciate it.

    Last thing before I run into this situation again. I don't need a web developer looking to get paid for something so tiny trying to do this. I'm asking for help, not labor. I'm don't see the need to pay for someone to change a couple numbers. Another thing, I prefer not to have to give anyone admin access to my website so they can do this. That opens the doors to other situations that I'd rather not get into. SO, someone who either has a xenforo website and has done this before, or someone who just knows what the hell they're doing, can you kindly tell me what to do. :)

    Thank you everyone for your time. Looking forward to responses!

  2. Bump? Anyone? Anyone at all?
  3. I'll give that a go. Thanks.

    Anyone else out there have any more ideas or input? I'd really appreciate it, as this is an issue I really want to solve.
  4. I'd also keep in mind the responsive design. I don't think you could mess it up, but it's always a possibility. If you force it to a certain size, will it keep that size regardless of the screen it's on? (Mobile, Laptop, Desktop)
  5. I've thought about that, but I have no way of knowing until I figure out how to change their sizes. Google isn't much help, and I'm getting worse result here lol.
  6. Audentio would be better help, you did pay for it, might as well get the included support when messing with their theme. (Would have been faster too)
  7. Well, I came here first because I figured since it's something to do with Xenporta, I thought they may not have been all that helpful. So I figured coming to spigot, with its vast community, would prove useful. As I can't be the only one with the problem. Or ya know, maybe some of the many web designers or developers could give me assistance. But it seems that unless I specifically throw money around, none of them want to help out. Although, I can't put all the blame on them for that one. The spigot rules don't really seem like they want people asking for or doing things for free. So everyone expects to be paid now. All the generous and kind hearted people seem to have migrated onwards to something new.

    But anyway, I'll try Audentio now. :)

    Thanks for your responses. I appreciate them nonetheless.
  8. There are a lot of people here that will/would help for free. Unless they don't know, that's when you get no posts. Honestly, most likely at least, no one knows how to approach your problem. If the people who did know, but wanted to be paid for it. They'd have responded regardless of your post saying you are paying nothing. "I know how to fix your issue, but it will cost money as my time is valuable to me." Crap like that. I've spoken to Audentio a few times and they've helped every time with no issue. Just don't want your views of the Spigot Community to be all negative. I've never seen a person attempt to modify the Avatar holding block on Xenforo before, given Xenforo is pretty good at handling all that on it's own with little to no user modification input needed. Hopefully Audentio helps you out.
  9. They're might be plenty of web developers, but we don't know every little setting location especially when it's not related to the forum topic