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  1. Hey,
    So I have XenPorta installed on my Xenforo website. When a guest/registered user goes onto the portal page, it only displays the copyright of the addon but when I log onto my system admin account, I can see what I want.

    Any help!?!

    There is no permission that I have found that I can enable. There is only 2.
  2. 4chan


    can guests view the content u want it to show by visiting the page directly
  3. No, only people with Administrator access can see this page and in the options for XenPorta, no groups are selected so everyone should be able to see it.
  4. 1. Is it a permission issue like you can view it but a guest can't
    2. Or is it nothing is displaying?
  5. Only people with Super Administrator can see it. To everyone else it is just the Copyright Message.
  6. I am getting this problem as well. All the permissions that I believe are relevant are enabled. Users can view the content that would be on the homepage under forums. For some reason, the blocks just aren't displaying on the homepage.
  7. Why are you bumping a thread from May?
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  8. Delete the files and reinstall and it might work. Did for me.