Universal XenRegister 1.1.2-b5

Reward your users for registering on your forum!

  1. Starfire1337 submitted a new resource:

    XenRegister - Reward your users for registering on your forum!

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  2. Fayettemat


    Seems promising! Does this happen to work on Bungee networks too? I can install it on multiple servers, however, just wondering if it'd work that way..
  3. It currently only works with one server, but I'm hoping to add support to multiple servers soon!
  4. Fayettemat


    Shame..I need it for multiple :(
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    Added support for multiple servers

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  6. Please retry with the new version.
  7. Fayettemat


    Do you have any desire to make this open source? I'm considering offering to make it so that it can be run on the Bungeecord server it's self but would want this to be open source to do so.
  8. Fayettemat