Spigot Xen's Trading Cards 5.0.4

Highly configurable 'trading card' mob drops! Collecting & trading fun for ANY server!

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    xP// Trading Cards - Highly configurable 'trading card' mob drops!

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  2. Suggestion: Player cards. Maybe something for a generic card for any player that is not defined in the config. That way staff members or special players can be defined in the config to give them a higher rated card than regular players. Unless of course you would want to hook into McMMO and make it go by the power rating. But the first idea would be awesome enough.
  3. You mean automatically adding players as cards as they join, with higher ranks having higher rarities? That sounds fairly easy to do. I could make it so having a certain permission puts you as that rarity. Unless you mean something else, I'm tired :p
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  4. Oh and one other thing.... a donate button.... you kind of need that. If this plugin works out, I feel like I am stealing it if I don't at least send you something. lol
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  5. That sounds even simpler using permissions. I would love to be able flash my other staff members cards in front of their faces after I kill them. lol
  6. My community's and my #1 rule has always been to never accept donations, I do appreciate the gesture though, always good to see someone enjoys my plugins enough for that :p

    Yeah, I can add a configurable drop chance for players to drop their own card too - certainly sounds interesting. I'll get on it and report back if it works out :p
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  7. Test #1, I had my alt join with the function enabled, it added successfully to the list. Spammed a bunch of mobs to generated some cards, and bingo!


    The info is based on if you're a new player or not. If you've played before, it'll show your first join date.


    Automatically being added to the config.
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  8. Oh yeah, that looks sweet!
  9. Staff member has permission "xptc.rarity.#" where # is the rarity level:


    Staff is OP (configurable level for this):

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    Automatically add players!

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  11. Aww... you even thought about us crazy Americans who can't figure out the right way to do things. :D lol
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  12. Yep, I could just imagine that being asked for eventually - might as well add it so the option is there, I suppose.

    If you have any more ideas for this, please let me know! :D
  13. Absolutely, I will let you know if anything else comes to mind. I will be taking a deeper look at it here in a bit. My partner in crime is pretty excited about it and he got the first run on it. So, I will let you know how it goes as soon as I can jump on my little server.
  14. Well.... I was a little confused at first.
    I figured the mobs would drop their own card, but they don't. Which than I thought about it and it made more sense for them not to drop their own cards, makes it that much harder to collect them all. I will check out the Player ones after one of my mods get on.... that way I have a good reason to stalk him. lol
    So after I checked it all out, I went to change my review... but it wouldn't let me, seems you can't give more than 5 stars. :D
    Anyone who comes across this, this is truly a cool little plugin. Add it to your server and give your players that much more to collect.
  15. Command to spawn in the mob cards and their different rarties? I have been looking for a way to allow players to sell things to the server without raping the landscape. And now that I have played with this, these would be perfect and they work great with my shop system.
  16. Actually, scratch that. The config is simple enough that I had no issue getting all the cards by adjusting the config to get what I needed for my shops. And it was super simple to add some additional cards while I was in there.
  17. Yeah, mobs drop random cards from all the cards available, you can set which types of mobs drop which rarities (although the config for that is a little confusing to me) so you can't get legendaries etc from passive mobs like cows if you want.

    Working on that, also giveaway commands that give everyone on the server a random card with a rarity you specify. Maybe even a timed giveaway so one gives out every hour.

    I imagine it'd still be nice to have a command so you don't have to mess with rarities :p

    And out of curiosity, what server do you have? Do you have a forum for it?

    I noticed you make some Towny addons too! My server's have been Towny for a few years now, I'm developing some private stuff for it atm that I'm slowly leaking to the public haha


    One more thing - I could possibly look into making mobs more likely to drop their own card, one of my friends had a similar ideas to that.
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  19. Well I did not plan to open a server... again... but a few of the guys and I have been talking and decided we would give it another go. lol
    Currently we are not yet open to the public. And yeah, I am a Towny fan, it is a much under appreciated plugin. There is so much that can be accomplished with it and so many different ways to hook into it. It is by far the most amazing land claim and protection plugin out there. And anything that can allow players to take control and get them more involved in the server like Towny does, just seems to be the logical way to do things.
  20. Yep, always loved Towny, always hated Factions. I never got why Factions is more popular.
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