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  1. Hi I'm setting up a server website and forums using xenforo. I downloaded the add-on xenstaff as i wanted a list of all my staff members however, i want to know if its possible to customize the appearance of the page

    By that I mean, different breaks between staff ranks, reorder the ranks, etc.
    Something similar to this:

    Thanks I appreciate any help at all!
  2. Umm, do you own LemonCloud? I thought @iLemon was owner.
  3. Haha no of course not, that is just the kind of thing I want, with the customized owner, admin bars etc.
  4. If you need help i am a website developer and yes it is possible to custom the page
  5. Then what's your staff position on LemonCloud?
  6. I don't have staff position i just linked the page its an example of what i want my page to look like
  7. Thanks Mj since posting this I've been looking around and found a more easily customizable similar add-on. Ill message you if I need some help though thanks very much for the offer!
  8. You should clarify that in your post.
  9. If thats not clarification enough ^
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  10. Buzzzy


  11. That's the add-on I found, I've just installed it now, having some trouble making the tabs appear but I much prefer the customization, once I get it working i'm sure it'll be excellent for my needs
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    Make sure all user groups have the permission to view the tab, and make sure you have enabled it in the right positions as it supports multiple.
  13. Haha you have no idea how long i spent searching for that solution and i come back here this morning, if only I'd checked back, cheers anyway!