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The Solution to language barriers

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    XLang - The Solution to language barriers

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  2. Sorry, it doesn't support Chinese
  3. Sorry - what do you mean by this? Is it a bug / isnt readable?
    I'm not a speaker so would now know thats all

    I did test it with people who speak Chinese and they all said the translations were fine
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  4. Chinese is supported via language code `ZH`
    A full list of supported languages is available here.
  5. I saw the key translated by deepl. There is only one key in Japan in Asia. I don't see any Chinese. I hope the author can give me some guidance on how to add Chinese key. Once again, I would like to thank you.
  6. Because our server has an American line node, I want to let Americans play together, so I have been looking for a translation plug-in, but it has never been realized
  7. Oh, unfortunately I do not believe DeepL offers Japanese to Chinese translations.
    There is a DeepL blog post here, which says it is likely a future feature.
    I'm working on trying additional translation services at the moment, but I don't know the accuracy of something like Google Translate.
    If you know of any alternatives, let me know.
  8. If you have discord - join the discord support server and I can help you there
  9. https://fanyi.baidu.com/
    This is from China's "Baidu translation" you can see
  10. Ahh ok. Do you have “Discord”
  11. I have, but the content doesn't support real-time web translation, I can't understand it( I didn't learn English well when I went to school.:cry:)

    I think Google Translate or Baidu Translate are very accurate translation
  12. Ok - then this is something to look into. Unfortunately it is difficult to know what the exact issue is…
  13. Have you actually put your API token in the config.yml file?

    Please attach a picture of the config.yml file
  14. What I need is Chinese API
    But I can't find where I can get the Chinese key for the translation API you provided
    So I recommend you try Baidu translation in China
  15. There is no "Chinese Key" - Just go here https://www.deepl.com/pro/change-plan?cta=header-prices/#developer and sign up

    Once you have a key - the DeepL API supports Chinese translation and i have tested it.