Spigot Xp Bottler [1.15.2 - 1.16.x] 1.0.2

Convert xp points into xp bottles

  1. Cerus submitted a new resource:

    Xp Bottler [1.15.2] - Convert xp points into xp bottles

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  2. How am I supposed to give other people permission to use the plugin? I am very new to this
  3. Hello! You need to use a permissions plugin for that, I recommend LuckPerms. Here is a setup guide. Good luck!
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  4. Keep up the good work
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  5. Can I make this work only with one very specific, pre-placed block that cannot be mined? Like Admin placed bottle XP Altar?
  6. Hello! This feature is not implemented at the moment, but I can implement it this weekend.
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  7. That would be really awesome! Seems directly related but could I just have a table of pre-placed items that can each do that (eg several monasteries). If that's too much additional work I understand. I was hoping to find exactly this plugin
  8. Is it compatible with 1.16.2 (spec. PaperMC#147 if available)?
    I'd also like to know whether you could use an enchantment table or some other kind of crafting bench as the block to use? I didn't know if the crafting menu coming up would affect anything.
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  9. It should work with 1.16.2 PaperMC.
    I'm not sure if the menu of interactable blocks will come up. You could try it and if it does come up I'll patch that when I get home.
  10. I tested the inter-actable blocks and thus far Enchantment Table is all good hadn't checked others. Thanks for a useful plugin!
  11. No problem, thank you for the review. :)