XP Drop Plugin that overrides Game Rule

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  1. Is it possible or is there such a plugin that does this? makes players drop their XP even if the keepInventory gamerule is set to true?
  2. I believe gamerule's are hard-written into minecraft.
    well, they actually may be written into Spigot from Vanilla.

    anyways, maybe you could use packets to catch whatever is fired when keepInventory is used and cancel out the keep XP.
    simpler solution: disable server-side keepInventory and have a simple plugin that acts as it's own keepInventory gamerule but just doesn't keep XP.
  3. Have any suggestions? I've tried DeathControl but it had conflicts with Infernal Mobs and players would drop their inventory anyways due to the way the boss mobs killed players.
  4. I think I might be able to write something up for you, give me an hour.
  5. heh, make that 15 minutes.


    tested and appears to be working just fine.

    edit: @Mortalsinn, uhh any problems?
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