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Fly at the cost of XP

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    XP Fly X - Fly at the cost of XP

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  2. What version are you using? Does the plugin load? Any errors? If it does load, what part of the plugin behaves differently than expected?
  3. 1.12, no the plugin doesn't load and any errors.
    When I do /xpfly I don't have any message and it doesn't work.
  4. What errors?
    So no unknown command error? That tells me the plugin is loaded

    EDIT: Can you send me the full contents of logs/latest.log
  5. There's no error in the console. :/
  6. Can you please send your latest.log even though you believe there are no errors. It's the only way I can help you.
  7. Would you consider making this have an option to do it with Elytras? I figured I had disabled Fireworks on the server - making obtaining fireworks only possible through events or mobs/minigames to limit people from flying infinite amounts of time.

    I think this plugin would be really cool if it could indirectly act as if it were the fireworks while an Elytra is in flight.


    You take off to fly with the Elytra. EXP is slowly consumed, all the while you maintain momentum while in the air with the Elytra on as if you were firing off Fireworks.

    However, if you were using fireworks, then EXP would not be consumed.

    Unsure if this is possible, but I find flying with the Elytra is faster and much cooler than the actual fly command itself. So when I seen this plugin I thought I'd make this suggestion and see what you could do/if you'd be willing to do it.

    Main reason I would like that is people would have to try to stay alive for EXP, and/or bottle it to store it for flight later, OR use EXP to enchant. Just slows down the pace of enchanted stuff flooding the server and gives EXP a value.

    Thanks again!
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  8. Very interesting concept. It would be a new plugin though, implementing that into this plugin will get messy. I've added it to my TODO list :)
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  9. Awesome, thanks! Also to consider: Make it impossible to use/boost off when tagged in PVP combat. So a player can't just jump off somewhere while running, to run / fly away. Would be unfair to PVP scenarios.
  10. Don't want to keep bothering you, but adding another idea to it:

    To avoid further flight indefinitely with the Infinity Bow usage to hit yourself with Punch II to keep momentem, maybe something to prevent that. Since they couldn't use fireworks, they'd stick to Infinity Bows, trying to avoid the EXP penalty altogether.
  11. Great idea, I will add a config option to disable or enable that though, since it also prevents people from sniping while flying which is pretty fun and not all server owners would want to disable that :)
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  13. This looks so cool!!!! May I suggest...different rates of XP consumption for diff ranks (ex. xpfly.consume.<number> as a permission)? Perhaps as speed option? Then different speed limits for the ranks? I LOVE THE IDEA!!!!
  14. I've added it to my todo list, I'll see what I can do.
  15. It'd be nice to be able to trigger it without a command. Maybe a wand, or a feather.

    Good plugin, though. I like that it consumes more XP the higher level you are.
  16. @RobinMC Looks like an awesome plugin. Only feature I would suggest is an option in config to disable xpfly when in combat.