Spigot XWeatherPlus 1.0.0

xWeather, Ccamm, xWeatherPlus

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  2. Hi, it's very cool! I installed this in my server, but earthquake cracks doesn't work, and I'm not understanding which is the command that spawn it.
    the particles of tornadoes and meteorites should be set to "FORCE" ... what can I do?
  3. Actually, I'm not too sure, I just tweaked it a little bit, if in error you have to ask the owner of this plugin Ccamm
  4. it's long time im not use GitHub, btw this plugin is Old, no support, nothing, i'm now dont have too much time to thing about this, also this is not my plugin so i cant update more, if you is Dev, you can download Open Source and do anything you want ;v

    maybe this is a heartless answer but I'm sorry, I have many projects to develop for myself
  5. How do I disable events from spawning naturally? (I want them all to be spawned by commands)
  6. Could you please update to 1.17?