Yaw packet problem

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  1. Yaw packet problem

    hello guys
    fristy im not english and my english is probably a bit messy

    i found a way to "stack Yaw" with PacketPlayInLook (when i use stackable term is for say you can go up to a lot for degres)
    is like:
    my Yaw is 90
    and when rotate 360 degres to the right my new Yaw is now 450 (90 + 360)

    is use this code for check this:

    Code (Text):
    if(o instanceof PacketPlayInLook){
    PacketPlayInLook packet = (PacketPlayInLook) o;
    yaw = packet.d();    // methode to get "stackable Yaw"  
    player.sendMessage("my curent Yaw " + yaw);
    but the problem is when i log off the Yaw is reset to 90
    i alerdy try to use "PacketPlayOutPositon" or use "player.getEyeLocation.setYaw(450)"
    but not working.

    anyone have a solution to resolve this?
    thanks for reply!
  2. I am not sure if I even understand the question, but how about making a file that saves a player's yaw? You could save it on every player leave event and then on every player join event you just load their value from the file.
  3. What version is this in? On previous versions it looks like g(); returns the yaw, and on 1.11.2 PacketPlayInFlying (therefore PacketPlayInLook) seems to use this for getting yaw:

    Code (Text):
    public float a(float var1) {
            return this.hasLook?this.yaw:var1;
  4. im in 1.8.8
    and my question is can i set a "stackable"?
  5. I'm confused about what you mean by stackable other than "many degrees." Do you mean it would account for the player's past yaw and add onto it? If so you could do something like

    Code (Text):
    yaw += newYaw - yaw
    Like xTimPugz said I'm kind of confused on what you're asking.