YayMC's Massive Success?

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I recently noticed a server named YayMC opened last Tuesday which features many generic gamemodes such as factions, skyblock, prison, etc. The server peaked today at 400 players which is great and such a rapid growth for such a new server.


    I plan on purchasing some sponsored slots (either .org or MCSL) in the coming weeks and noticed that YayMC has the top slot on minecraftservers.org. Is this server listing website that effective?


    EDIT: I just logged onto the server and added up all the players on all the servers running and it totaled to ~200. The server has about ~400 players online (according the server list), are there 200 people in the hub or are they boosting their player count to attract players?
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    I feel like top slot would easily get you that many players.
    Whether it would be a good investment is another question which I can't answer.
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  3. WAS


    I personally just finished a plugin which multiplies player count by a multiplier, so they could very well be. But is it also per world players? I'm not too familiar with Bungee.
  4. Whoa that looks amazing. So many players, yes slots on high listings are great.
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  5. YayMC is pretty old as far as I remember.
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  6. I saw that but in that thread, YayMC was using MCSL and not .org.

    They shut down and reopened I believe.

    Bungee is a bunch of servers put together. When I went on and added the players up, it totaled to about 200 but the player count said 400.

    Well if it can get you that many players its definitely a good investment!
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    YayMC is a old server, had lots of players one year ago as well, became Skyblocky, sold it, became Minefac and now yaymc again.
    The owner is pumping lots of K's into advertising.
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  8. I noticed the release of this server too. I hopped on the server when playercount was pretty much at the lowest and I was looking why they had around 100 players on. What I found out was that I could only count around 50 players actually on the server. I think they might be doubling there players. I don't see how this server could have so many players on when TBF there builds and quality actually suck.

    + When you look at there playercount stats on .org they are always even numbers

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    YayMC has a GUI lobby, there could be afk people in the lobby not playing on the servers you know
  10. Doesnt explain the even numbers on the stats ;)
  11. If they are spoofing, it wouldn't be *that* hard to do and to spoof.

    You could do a YayMC, spoof your player count and make a fake /glist showing most of the players 'AFK' in the hub.
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    There is no spoofing plugin in their bungeecord plugins directory, so i wouldnt know then.
  13. YayMC is spoofing like they always did a little history YayMC started at the end of December 2015. They got a slot on MCSL MP and .org wich brought them to around 800 players after that Aschoren (the owner of YayMC) kept buying .ORG slot throughout time to keep his playerbase.
    When the hole EULA drama started he started a huge 95% off sale and everyone bought shit then he closed his server and turned it into a single Skyblock server called Skyblocky. He did never refund the packages bought from the sale and blamed the EULA he said Skyblocky was the only way to survive with the EULA as Skyblock is the only gamemode that can be EULA compliant and otherwise he had to take down YAYMC completely. A few month later he got blacklisted due to not being EULA compliant. A few months later Skyblocky was bought by Serayne (owner of Arkham Network) and Aschoren reopens YayMC with a slot on .ORG
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  14. But my question is do you think .org slots get you from 0-100?
  15. They probably can depending on whether you rent at a certain time or buy it for the 2 weeks. From past experience when we purchased a .org slot for 2 weeks at #1 we were able to surpass 200.
  16. Slots are known to bring players quickly but they don't stay that long, a couple of friends who own larger servers have said this to me.

    Slots are one of those things where you need to keep buying slots, however some players do stay but it's a small % usually.
  17. Splazeing


    You would be better off with topg depending what time you buy it.
    Topg is a normal price of $300 for 15 days, while .org can go up to 5K for slot #1.

    While im using topg, i get about 150-300 Unique new players a day.
    With .org #4 ($3500) i had about the same unique new players a day.
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  18. easyusual


    They spoof lol
  19. Went on and took a look for myself.
    • Total: 636 (according to server list)
    • Factions: ~84 players
    • SkyBlock: ~73 players
    • Warfare: ~68 players
    • Prison: ~55 players
    • Creative: ~25 players
    • Survival: ~25 players
    • Actual Total: ~330 players
    I doubt they have ~300 players AFK in the hub...
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