Spigot YMLBook 1.9

YMLbook is simple book customizing / writing plugin.

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  2. Version 1.9 released!
    • Updated to 1.8.7 Spigot
    • Removed Metrics
  3. It'd be really cool if you could add a way to import a held book to the books.yml. It's kind of difficult to get things to look the right way without a lot of trial and error when you're just typing in a file instead of the book.
  4. Already in planning to make this feature.
    Currently im too busy to update this plugin, sorry :(
  5. It would rock if the book names weren't case sensitive. I want my book to have a few caps. but i don't want people to be forced to write out every cap. ex. ILoveThisBookPlugin can't be but should be able to be acquired by ilovethisbookplugin.

  6. I will add this to todo list. Its easy to fix, but im sorry i have not do this earlier.