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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Nikos2k, Feb 1, 2020.

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  1. I'm running Spigot 1.14.4 with these plugins and I f*cked something up that I get a message "You do not have permissions to build here" when I try to break or place blocks. upload_2020-2-1_18-32-59.png upload_2020-2-1_18-33-14.png upload_2020-2-1_18-34-3.png

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  2. Atleast tell me what you were messing with before this "You do not have permissions to..." came by.
    And if you could take a photo of the error message where it says you dont have permissions. Some popular plugins have a different way of formatting their messages, so it may be helpful in diagnosing the plugin.
  3. I installed a new permission management plugin.

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  4. What permission management plugin did you change from and to?
    ._. Shouldn't you have.. uhh
    1. Migrate
    2. Backup
  5. So the thing is I was trying to set limits for preciousstones cuboids usage with luck perms and it didn't work so I installed GroupManager, PlaceholderAPI and bukkitpermissions.
    First I installed permissionsbukkit but I started getting the message. Now I don't have PermissionsBukkit installed.
    As you can see LuckPerms is installed the whole time.
  6. U sure? I'm quite sure LuckPerms should work, and the worst thing in this world to do is to install more than 1 permissions plugin at once.
    You should keep LuckPerms, and also find possible plugins that could prevent world damage, such as WorldGuard etc. Multiverse.
  7. Try removing Essentials protect and keep worldguard, and also remove GroupManager since you only need luckperms. You can use luckperms to do /lp verbose, which will allow you to see all permissions being used in real time. So when you try to break or place blocks with verbose mode on, and it says you dont have permission, you should see a log for the permissions you need in either your chat or the console. Then you can add them accordingly. If there is too many messages being printed when verbose mode is on, try /lp verbose on <your ign>, which will only print permissions for your player in game.
  8. Strahan


    The answer to LuckPerms not working is not to shotgun other permissions managers at the server simultaneously. You should just post the problem you are having with LP and get advice on how to resolve it. LP can very likely do whatever it is you are trying to do, the problem is just in your configuration.
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