Your "best" Anti-Cheat/Hack Plugin (Premium or not)

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by beyonddead, Apr 30, 2015.

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  1. I'm amazed this conversation has lasted months. NoCheatPlus works wonders for me as I've managed to properly configure it. If anyone happens to check my signature, it's shown it's effectiveness once someone takes long hours to configure it properly through testing a large number of clients and possible situations.
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  2. Nocheatplus no config can made rollback, config clients can bypass it and he dont detect forcefield
  3. I had a hard time understanding that. NoCheatPlus can pick if aim-bots and forcefield (which is the same thing) if configured correctly while having a solid understanding of what each check of NCP does. The "rollback" of the default config is one of the simplist things to resolve if configured properly. It's gotten to a point for me where I can rely NCP for detecting just about everything, as I've managed to configurate it correctly.
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  4. I keep hearing this "configured correctly" but absolutely nobody actually gives an example of what is configured incorrectly from default settings and/or a general theme(s) of what needs to be configured. My only guess (and so is MyPictures, at least when I asked in the #nocheat IRC) is that people are tweaking the config to account for more false positives. My guess, based on the reviews above of that configuration above is that + less noisy in-game logging.
  5. The concept is to have NCP send accurate notifications rather than the flood of false positives generated the default configuration while NCP's code blocks cheats. No one is going to provide you with an example of how to modify it as configurating NCP takes a good portion of time, understatement and commitment - which 9.9/10 people truly can't do, much less even understand a majority of it. I haven't randomly disabled checks, but rather modified values such as FastPlace's (consider that to be your example, it's next to impossibe to place 22 blocks within 2 seconds even with a client's FastPlace turned up all the way due to limited space) on top of reducing the spam of the default configuration to only send accurate notifications once NCP has confirmed that someone has set off a check rather than the very early sent alerts of something such as SurvivalFly which are majority of the time false positives.
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  6. The thing is...... Like 99% of anticheat's will not detect all hacks and most of the ones that people think are the best (AAC, Antiaura, Configurated NCP,ect.) are actually worse than they have in reputation.
    AAC: a know a bug in AAC that is now like 2 months old. There are thousands of hacks that work in AAC. I kinda think Konsolas thinks he patched all hacks just by patching Hybrid's hacks. Also the false-positives in AAC is torture.

    Right, i expect somebody is going to say "Use @MarkElf2204 's Config it will block all hacks". (I am not saying @MarkElf2204 has a terrible config i actually saw it on a server and it was quite good i am just using him as a example.) the thing is NCP's Configs even perfect isn't going to save you against all hacks. Just to stop an very long paragraph i am going to say because it is NoCheatPlus.

    K. I actually don't know what i wrote but the conclusion is after writing a thread about something like this myself i realized ; don't make these threads just get a random anticheat do a little bit of configuration on it to make it have no false-positives on your server. Then just use it. NO ANTICHEAT (even G-cheat) will detect all hacks. Your anticheat will probably block fly and basic hacks but detecting other hacks do yourself.

    What do you think moderators are for? Sitting there doing nothing??????????

    This is all i have to say. KTHXBYE.
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  7. So what was the point of gravedigging a 5 month old thread? (approximately)
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  8. But they are after all better than Hypixel's WatchDog :D
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  9. Yeah, no anti cheat can detect all hacks. At least AAC/AntiAura detects most of the commonly used hacks and their detections are considered decent and hard to bypass. What is the purpose of using strongly nerfed KillAura that does not give any significant advantages at all? In fact, those strongly nerfed KillAura may make you even worse in PVP than being legit. Staff are there to try their best to find hackers which are not detected by anti cheat such as x-rayers, tracers, and so on. Anti cheats are just to help staff to make their jobs easier. Furthermore, if no staff are online, anti cheat will does the job.
  10. No idea xD.
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  11. Hypixels watchdog is okay. But those other anticheats I said are much better.
  12. All I can say is.... agreed.
  13. Spartan anti-cheat plugin looks promising. Also i never had trouble with NCP however i removed it for Wolf.
  14. You maybe want to test with the hybrid hack client, as it is one of the best public ones as far as I know.
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