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  1. Hey its Fritten7, and I would like to ask you a strange question! What was your first Minecrarft Server? In what version did you join ? What is it private or public ? And IP if it's still open, please, I would like to visit them! I don't know why I ask those questions, I have a bizarre manner of asking questions of these types! Which caused me troubles in School XD when I was younger :D:(

    Personally, I started playing Minecraft Solo like most of you (maybe), in 1.4.7. And when 1.5.2 was released I saw an ad for Minecraft Server lists, I clicked on it, and saw a bunch of lists! And chose randomly! And It was a survival which closed! I don't remember the name but I have some videos, I will check later if there was a name or something!:)

    Thanks for Sharing your opinion !:cool:
  2. I started playing Minecraft since the first release of 1.0.0. I played on a Towny server where towns were safe and the wilderness was "dangerous", where griefing and PvP was allowed while in towns it wasn't. It was very economic based obviously since it was a Towny server. I used to have a wool shop in one of the bigger towns, since wool was worth a fair amount. I used to earn a ton of cash and was one of the richest on the server.

    I then joined a different town and closed my shops since I practicly became a millionaire. I bought a huge house for like $700.000 (which was alot in that server). The house was about 8-9 plots (chunks) big. I became the town helper and I helped expanding the town.

    I played on that server till 1.2.5, after it closed for some reason. Oh boys, those were the days! :D
  3. first my server was my friend's server who invited me in to Minecraft, then it was late alpha and close to becoming beta, I started playing Minecraft at 2010 october. I remember at beta 1.0 celebrating my birthday by building huge tower out of wood blocks(not planks) which I chopped by hand, the building was with 10 floors because I became 10 then. later that server couldn't run anymore because high burning structures was breaking worlds or something at that old versions xD I first played singleplayer for a long time, so joining multiplayer server for the first time was something super amazing feeling that I'm not alone anymore.
  4. Yep, good old days, will never forget them, mc 1.2.5 was a huge huge update, I used to play prison and becamed millionair like you XD but I was a geek that time on the server which has been bought and made a pvp faction that is trash idk even the ip it was or
    (the old cauz there is a new)
  5. 10 floors because I became 10 then, What an Idea for the the time ! Else then you are about 16 -17 years old right mate ? Then you have some experience in the game.
  6. I am 16, my birthday was on 2016-12-31
  7. LOL last day of the year :) just like my mom and sister :D
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  8. My daughter's first server was probably Skitscape's. I don't remember if I played that one. Then we both played on a server called MC Infected, owned by Supertt007, from 2012-2014; It's no longer operating.

    We started our own server in 2013 and it's still running. (See signature)
  9. Funky Factions oh god... throw back.
  10. Haha I remember my first Minecraft server. When I was too much of a noob and didn't know how to port forward. I used Hamachi. Man, that was the good old days.
  11. XD So true but you just can't start minecraft and become a pro :D
    But still I believe you learned many things from minecraft right ?
  12. My first server was a random cracked factions server, my classmates were talking about the game at school and I lied and said I knew what it was, I HAD NO IDEA WHAT THEY MEANT BY DIGGING STRAIGHT DOWN AND STUFF, I went home and looked it up then got a cracked version but I didn't play multiplayer until I got premium and joined that cracked server :p
  13. friend's server back in 1.2.5, best version ever, in my opinion
  14. Oh wow... That goes waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back. Maybe like some towny server or something lol. I can't remember the name for the life of me.
  15. <3
  16. HiveMC, one of the greatest back in the day
  17. I started playing at the end of 1.5 and before 1.6 was released. I didn't even know servers existed till like 1.6.4 was released. One of my good friends that I still know today told me. :p
    It was a prison server that had a map, warden and kits. I think it had 30 somethings players on it. My server list eventually cleared and I never saw it again. I assume it closed or something. :/
  18. I first played on a server called dragonhollowmc in Minecraft 1.5.2
    I'm pretty sure it's still up
    EDIT: New ownership
  19. I can't remember exactly the first server I've ever joined, but I do remember a server that really marked me. It's called squadcraft (still open to this day), I don't remember the version I joined it first, but it was about 5 years ago..

    It introduced me to PvP and since then I've only played minecraft to PvP since I love it so much. I started no lifing it and ended up getting 35000 kills in 6 months time. The reason I left is because they reset all the kills and I was so butthurt to lose my 35k kills.

    Looking back at it, it was probably one of the shittiest servers I've ever played on and highly recommend no one to go back there. I'm talking downloaded maps, default everything, 2GB of ram for 50 players and 120 plugins, memory leaks on top of memory leaks..

    It was an absolute shithole but I didn't know any other servers so I stayed on it and thought it was normal for the server to crash every 2 hours and that 75% of the people online were hacking.
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  20. I think the first ever server I played on was a Hunger Games server. It had an amazing community, but then I moved on to a Factions server called GioPVP. Stayed there for a while, but then moved to a prison server called ShardMC.