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  1. Hey

    Just wondering, what do you have running while programming? Usually I have some music, skype and my ide of course. If testing ill also have filezilla and minecraft open
  2. Spotify, Intellij, TweetDeck, and Skype, If I don't mind being interrupted.
  3. Sticky Notes, Chrome, Skype, FileZilla, Notepad++
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    • Eclipse (for Java projects), Sublime (for python/any other language)
    • Pandora or iTunes for music
    • TextEdit to write TODO notes or bugs, or used for testing software -- sort of like a reminder
    • GitLab or GitHub to add issues
    • Skype (usually if I don't mind being bothered).
    • Safari or another browser to google info.
  4. tmux, VIm & chrome, usually.
    • IntelliJ/PHPStorm - both sponsored premium editions
    • Terminal (SSH and alike)
    • Custom coded support/ticket software
    • Firefox web dev edition
    Ubuntu FTW<3
  5. Waa? Theres a web dev edition?
    • IntelliJ
    • Slack
    • Skype
    • Chrome
    • HexChat
  6. IntelliJ, WebStorm for Javascripts, Notepad++ for configurations, Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop for images, OneNote for notes, XenCenter for virtual servers, Skype for contact with the outside world, MySql Workbench, 2 instances of Minecraft because that's what I happen to be working on at the moment, VisualVM for memory analysis, and every website on the internet open in Chrome (I might be exaggerating a bit).
  7. IntelliJ (If Not on GitHub)
    Eclipse (If I am using GitHub)
    Server Console (If Bukkit/Spigot Coding)
    Minecraft (If Bukkit/Spigot Coding)
  8. I have severe obsessive compulsive disorder, so though I keep all my tabs and opened applications very under order all through out the day, I can't even develop under certain conditions.

    I strictly have my IDE and a single tab of chrome open.

    once ready for testing, I use a private eclipse-ant script written by a friend for testing, it compiles the resource, drops the jar in a local server /plugins/ and starts the server.
    I have java setup to not be "default", this meaning if I want to launch a java application I have to go in terminal and run it with "java -jar blah.jar", so I keep minecraft closed until ready for testing (this is for security purposes)
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  10. JamesJ


    Eclipse, Spotify, Skype, Minecraft Launcher, Minecraft, mRemoteNG, FileZilla and Chrome. Wow.
    • Emacs (for editing code, for terminal to compile, for email, for web, for Skype chat)
    • Minecraft client
  11. IntelliJ, Eclipse, or PHPStorm depending on the project.
    Skype, Slack, and Email(s).
    PhotoShop, and AfterEffect depending on the project. (Also some other Adobe software(s))
    iTunes or Pandora on my iMac.
    Chrome and/or FirefoxWDE depending on the project
  12. So many things. lol

    • Notepad++ (to do the programming in)
    • Music (my playlist)
    • Chrome
    • My webserver (apache/mysql/ftp/sockets/media)
    • Skype (because it is required for my staffing position)
    • Ditto (clipboard manager)
    • VPN
    • Several open folders
    • Stuff I can not mention here
  13. Omg yes its amazing

    As for me,
    • Notepad++
    • IntelliJ (or Brackets if I'm doing webstuff)
    • Firefox Dev Edition with only Hastebin and Google Drive and sometimes SoundCloud if I'm listening to podcasts
    • Spotify if I'm not listening to podcasts
    • Minecraft and a Command line if I'm doing MC dev
    • SourceTree
  14. IntelliJ if Java, Netbeans if WebDev, Chrome (usually about 15 tabs), GitExtensions, Xampp if WebDev, HipChat, Skype (sometimes), Notepad++, Minecraft Server + Client if testing
  15. IntelliJ
    1 or 2, sometimes more, Minecraft Instances
    2 Terminals, one for git and the other for a server
    Firefox with who knows what open
    File Browser in my testing server
    All of it on Fedora of course :)

    I also make fairly regular use of workspaces. I have IntelliJ + Firefox on the first workspace (Intelij on the left monitor, Firefox on the right monitor) and the two Minecraft instances sharing the right monitor and the file browser and server terminal sharing the left monitor. The git terminal is just wherever it ends up, since I don't need to access it regularly.
  16. I think he meant PHPStorm and not Firefox developer addition.
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