Spigot YourBook [UPDATED] 6.0.1

Customize Your Own Book To Give To People On Join!!! With Many Features!

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    YourBook - Customize Your Own Book To Give To People On Join!!!

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  2. I think there Was an special event: OnPlayerFirstJoin or something like that
  3. Yes give only on first join
    + add a /yb givebook <player> if lost
    and maybe set a permission to receive the book
    I was trying it but must have an emergency remove :
    every /spawn you get the book :)

    + should accept several books -suvival- -pvp- -shops- ...
  4. ? Umm.. I can try and fix the books stacking when everyone joins.. But I don't want to add a permission for the book.. But I can try my best
  5. Add what slot the book will appear in on join please
    Also I am not getting the book on join. Why?
  6. You should get the default book on join.. It will show Your Name And Your Title.. On It.. If it still is not working then try: /ybreload (which reloads the config) If u are still having problems plz msg me your server ip so i can fix it easier
  7. Just figured it out! I had the plugin Custom Join Items clear Inventory on join which for some reason deleted the book. Looks good ;)
  8. Please add
    - slot option
    - anti drop
    - no stacking in inventory on multiple join times
  9. K.. I can try my best! And I fixed the stacking on join.. It works with my updated version.. I can realease it sometime this weekend
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  10. should be on first join and do not prevent dropping
    --> I play on the server for more than one year I do nopt want to keep the book for ever using a slot to say welcome
    --> I do not think that stacking is the solution since it shall nor reappear after drop
  11. Most Bugs Fixed!!! Uploading It!
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  13. What : you clear inventory on all leaves ?
    Dont do that it is 10 times worse than stacking : every person who has lost any single item willl claim the admin,
    to give and renchant all the stuff , as they may cheat you have to check in mulmtiverse inventories.
    It's about 10-15minutes loss of time per player.

    I suggestyou remove this last update AT ONCE and rollback to stacking immediately.

    Remove the clearinventory at once or you will have huge complains for survival worlds.

    Hopefully I saw this before applying the update I was close to a global rollback on my server . pfiouuu.
  14. U do know I have to old download.. So don't complain... Get bungee and set up a hub server then the book will
    Be perfect :)
  15. Que buen plugin esta bien para desctipyion de mi ser ver esta bueniwimo el plugin
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    Even Bigger Update!!! Add Up To 30 Pages And Disable 29 Of Them.. Added A No Drop Feature And +

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  17. Is there a way to make a new line or center something using a certain code, or do you have to space it out?
  18. Space It Out :p
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  19. Can you add the option to configure where in the inventory the book is placed on join?
  20. I'm working on that