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Do You like Those Games on my Server?

  1. Yes

  2. no

  3. to few games

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  4. exactly what i looked for! :)

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  1. ---------------------------------------------------------
    Hi, in this thread, you can post youre Server like this here.
    I begin -->
    Server-Name: Pandoranien
    Status: Online
    Slots: 120
    Language: German
    Games: City, SurvivalGames, HideNSeek, Quidditch, SkyBlock, MasterBuilders

    --> Write youre Server here :)
  2. Server-Name: Hypixel Network
    Status: Over 9000
    Slots: 600000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    Language: International
    Games: Too many to specify, but I guarantee they are better than your games.

    am i famous now
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  3. Auf dem Server ist ne Whitelist :D
  4. Jo :D Wartungsarbeiten xD >Bin zu blöd meinen eigenen Server einzutragen :D
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  5. Darf ich mich als Dev bewerben? :D
  6. EN Translation: On the server is ne Whitelist: D
    EN Translation: Jo :D maintenance work xD >I'm too stupid to enter my own server :D
    EN Translation: Can I apply as a Dev? : D

    Please type English or just go in PM with each other.

    Thank you
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  7. Oops, Sry. I Really don't know.
    I just say there is an whitelist on the server and he answered that he is to stupid to do an server :)
  8. Oops.. sorry, i just thougt the person called "LarexCode" is just speaking german so i awnsered. Im sorry if i havent folloewd the rules :) I speak english just fine ;D But im sorry :)
  9. Yes sure (I just write everything in english but you know, i just speak german as well as english ;D)(im german)
    Just add me on skype so we can talk about it :) Would be nice to get a great developer instead of finish and buyable plugins ;(

    Your - Pandu
  10. Idk if you are allowed to post server ip and stuff here?
  11. Im sorry if this looks like Server advertising.. it wasnt my wish... i just wanted to see other small server ;)
  12. Server-Name: FrostMC
    Status: Maintenance
    Slots: 100
    Language: German
  13. No players in your server... :/
  14. What ?
  15. Server-Name: Craftlabs
    Status: Open
    Slots: 100
    Language: German