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  1. Hey! im the owner of FireSide which just recently opened and has had 168 users join and around 10 Players a day join daily.

    I'm looking for a way to advertise, now i don't want a massive server all i want is 20-40 players a day coming on so i was thinking that getting small youtubers onto my server for money would help.

    If anyone has 250 subs to 5k subs range ill be willing to pay you to make a series and trailer on our server.

    Also go rate FireSide in the "Rate My Server" Category! Thanks!
  2. GaIaxy


    Not sure this is the section for that.

    Regardless, I believe your server was down anyways?
  3. the domain doesnt work for some people for a few days
  4. Get it to work before asking a youtuber since you dont want the advertisment to go to waste,,
  5. well the domain would start working full by tomoz soo.