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    Hello Guys, I currently Own a medium Mini-Games network and I'm trying to boost my players rate. I currently rented a slot but it's not working as much as I excpected. I know there's a better advertising way, which is youtubers, but I have always failed in contacting them.
    Therefore, my question was if anyone knew a relative famous youtuber who I could pay to advertise my Server. I'm willing to pay thousands of bucks into this, as I have been working for almost three years with my community and spent such a long time and love to it, what leads me to think it's ready to be advertised properly and "bump my server to a new level". And even more when I think I received enough donations to be able to invest in this and make this possible.
    I would be really grateful if anyone could provide me information regarding to this.
    Thanks everyone :)
  2. lol.
    Try mine status it's better for paid rent slots.
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  4. You can sponsor with me! ;) I run a small server with 20-40 people on average
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  5. Why would he avertise on another server?

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  6. For some reason I think that your 20 players won't help increase his 600.
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  7. You sponsor each other so players from each server check out each server.
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  8. Una buena estrategia seria hacer que los users de tu server hagan publicidad, y que por tener "x" cantidad de subs les des un rango "YouTuber". Ellos patrocinaran el server gratis. Y lo difundirán con sus conocidos!.


    This answer is on spanish becouse I know he speak that lenguage. I think this isn't a problem. :D
  9. His players check out your server*
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  11. Hey, you never know :p
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  12. I bet 1 player would join and keep it on his/her server list. When they have every server on their server list. :p
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    Guys, I already had enough bad experiences with voting websites sponsored slots, that's why I'm asking this. I don't need another voting website to gift money to, I need youtuber contacts. And yes, in fact, I actually have a Youtuber Rank that offers my maximium VIP rank which costs $100 + all hub gadgets, mounts, and lot of awesome stuff for youtubers that have 1000+ subs and can record in my server, but still the best thing what I have got is ChadAlan ( and RadioJHGames ( But unfortunately that's not enough.
    I'm thinking in something like what Mineplex does, what is paying youtubers like CaptainSparklez and ParkerGames to record there. That's why I'm asking for contacts :D
  14. Captain sparklez was being paid then he turned to an owner I believe.
    Parker games idk.
  15. I suggest bashurverse. His recent drama situation has gained him a lot of my view...
    @Civilaire is his manager.
  16. What's wrong with your sponsored slot? It seems like you're growing. You can't expect to become a 1000+ player network overnight. I would suggest adding more gamemodes to your server, the more you have, the more players you appeal to. That means you're more likely to keep a player that joins.
  17. Have anything better?
  18. You could contact them yourself?
    Then you would get a way better estimate and stuff.