Spigot YoutubersPlus 1.4

New system of youtubers ranks for your youtubers

  1. relampagorojo93 submitted a new resource:

    YoutubersPlus - New system of youtubers ranks for your youtubers

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  2. this would be awesome if you added twitch to :D
  3. I can make a second plugin with twitch. If I didn't make it it's cause there's already a twitch plugin
  4. Lmao this plugin with more features already existed and then with other plugins you argue not to copy :) Funny guy
  5. This plugin was made for a server who asked me to make it. After that, they said me that I had the own rights for my plugin, so they said me that it would be better if I post it in spigot. For that it's here posted. And I can say, this plugin was made two days before your plugin was published in the premium section, so you can say that this plugin is a copy of your plugin.
  6. Nope but the verification system is a straight copy from mine ;)
  7. They said me to put it, so.
  8. great plugin can you add my server to the list? play.valormc.us