ZexyZek Video Prices!

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  1. Do you have any means of contact for Gizzy? Please PM me on the fourms if you do:)
  2. gigosaurus


    Yeah I have him on skype, but I don't think he would be very happy if I gave his details to others, especially people I don't even know.
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  3. Someone replied to Zek with this rofl
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  4. Out of all of the YTers I've had on (JeromeASF, CraftBattleDuty, NoochM, Woofless, PrestonPlayz, Vikkstar123HD, ZexyZek)
    Zek was definitely on the lower half of the bunch regarding total joins.
  5. That can be argued, I don't want to argue about it. It's all about opinion and they both have there strengths.
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  6. What a rip off, if you thinking of spending that much I would go with a Youtuber who actually has aload of dedicated fans.
  7. This pricing is extremely over priced in my opinion! I mean seriously? $100 for 180 letters? Wtf? 30 seconds is $1200! Product placement $500. I mean, if I had a audience of 1 million people I wouldn't make you pay for stuff, I would just say a few kind sentences for free of if I did charge it wouldn't be $1200 it would be like £1 or something? A logo on his wall? What if you can't see it? WAHEYYY! you just lost $500 well done you! Giveaway stuff? Shouldn't he pay you? Also,off the topic but why does he need a manager? He's 15/16... I don't understand why he is monitizing at all, he doesn't need the money?
    More rambling opinions from me! Woo
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  8. gigosaurus


    Really? I didn't notice any difference when JeromeASF or Vikkstar123HD made a video on my server. Suppose it just depends on the fan base and what sort of games they like to play.
  9. Youtubers average price is 10$-/1000 views, not overpriced. He needs a manager cause he makes money, lol and the rest of your "rambling" was answered above
    And I guarantee you 100% that if you were in zexyzeks' position, you would NOT make someone a video for 1 EURO.
    I bet you would charge the same amount he would, and it doesn't matter how much he charges in the end cause it's worth it
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  10. Jerome + Vikk combo sent me from 150 online to just short of 700 when bungee crippled. This was a couple months ago
  11. *Facepalm, youtubers with more views, cost a shit ton more.
    Like if you try to get BajanCanadian, even if he responds he'll cost 6000+$ for a video.
  12. Sooo, you're saying everyone needs a manager? CEO's?
  13. Well some Youtubers don't have a lot of subs but a load of dedicated fans and followers. Subscribers don't matter, but following does.
  14. Lol, this guy makes more money with one video (not including advertising) than I have ever made with my servers altogether.
  15. That's me!

    TBH it would probably be cheaper to get a google ad in front of his video!
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  16. People like Jerome, BajanCanadian, xRPMx13 are more geared towards minigames. For things like survival you turn more towards someone like ZexyZek.
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  17. gigosaurus


    Well my server is minigames so idk how that works...
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  18. Some of these are actually good deals.
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  19. Lol u smart y didnt i think of dis. I should do zexyzek caz he is best utuber in de wrld. I totally no 2 + 2 = fesh
  20. One of the long time adverts is actually worth it.