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Enjoy the advanced horse management and protection features provided by ZHorse !

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    ZHorse - ZHorse's job is to provide an enhanced management of horses in Minecraft.

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  2. Could you change the command to /horse ? This would be much easier to remember and easier for new players.
  3. I could but I prefer letting server admins do that by themselves, as some would want /horse, or /h, etc.

    You can currently use /zhorse or /zh, but if you want to bind /horse to /zhorse, you can do it by adding and aliase to command.yml (located in the root of your server) like this :

    Code (Text):
      - zhorse $1-
  4. I'm having troubles with your Plugins :
    Screenshot Ingame:

    Files has been transfered to /Plugins folder instead of /Plugins/Zhorse
    Screenshot FTP client:

    There are no error logs.
    Here is the spigot version i'm using: BuildTools #27
    I tested also with previous builds soo maybe it's a problem not related to spigot or / and your plugin ?
    Any idea Z3dd7 ?
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  5. Hmmm weird, what is your OS ?

    Edit : I'm working on a different way to manage files, we'll see if it fix this issue.
    #6 Z3dd7, Jan 26, 2015
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  6. Soo actually it may be related to the hosting comp i'm using for my servers ( OMGserv)
    I have the same problem with the folder " doc " of the HolographicDisplay plugin i have to put files in Plugins/HolographicDisplay instead of Plugins/HolographicDisplay/doc.
    I will contact them for support and wait for your version with different files management system maybe it will fix it yeah :)
    Thanks for your answer

  7. Try this one, it SHOULD fix the issue.

    Attached Files:

  8. Thank you very much Z3dd7 directory problem is solved now with Zhorse 1.1.1 Snapshot.
    But cause it's never so simple here is a new little encoding problem :D

    I guess i could solve it myself by changing the encoding format with my text editor right ?

    Additional problem in 1.1.1 Snapshot with /zh claim <name> :D ( sorrrrryyyy )
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  9. Yes it should^^ Try to replace all bugged characters by "&" or "§".
    I'm having a lot of trouble with other plugins's encoding on my own server and I still haven't managed to find a working one...
    I'll add this issue to my todo list, using <red> <yellow> flags and replace them by Minecraft's color codes should fix it, but this will not be done today :p

    Well... I couldn't even tell if this is supposed to be an horse name or not^^
    Please provide more infos :
    • Did you use /zh claim or /zh claim someHorseName ?
    • What does /zh info displays ?
    • If you manage to locate it, copy paste the concerned part of users.yml here or on pastebin.doc
  10. Well, the number of characters match, but I have no idea of how it happened :/

    You should try again after you replaced all corrupted characters.

    When it's done, try the followings when mouting the horse and stop when the name is ok :
    • /zh free
    • /zh claim
    • /zh free
    • /zh claim GhostRider
    • /zh rename
    • /zh rename GhostRider
    I will try reproducing this, but I doubt it will work.
  11. I will try to find the problem's origin too i will test a bit more on a local server this time but actually i think it might be related to the fact i hadn't replaced the characters.

    In all cases you have done a great and useful work !
  12. Thanks !

    Keep me in touch, feedbacks are the reason I uploaded ZHorse here :)
  13. I thought about something...

    Did the horse name behave like the line starting with 'k' on this ?
  14. Still, it might come from this part of the config :
    Code (Text):
        color: MAGIC
        maximumClaims: 10
    Try to remove the vip block or replace MAGIC by RED or something, then /zh reload and /zh rename GhostRider.
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  15. Ok it worked I totally missed to change the MAGIC to something else i just renamed VIP to an other rank's name. Sorry my bad.
    Still in troubles for the encoding conversion but the Horse Tag problem is solved.
  16. I'll remove MAGIC from default config asap ^^
    Concerning the encoding, replace the bugged character by & or § and, using notepadd ++ try each encoding followed by /zh reload.
  17. I will continu tomorow it's 1.35 am here and be tired won't help much :)
    I tried every encoding possible in notepad ++ it worked after some random setup for the english file and now it's not working anymore after an other reload i'm missing something for sure.

    Usually i have to convert my config files or localization files to UTF-8 to support éàè characters with this server i tried with the FR file and it's not working.

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