Spigot ZHorse 1.8.2

Enjoy the advanced horse management and protection features provided by ZHorse !

  1. Ok then I suggest that you wait a bit (for the first 1.6.10 snapshot, which should appear in this thread) before migrating to MySQL, as the SQLite file shouldn't be very large and there might be database-related bugs in 1.6.9.
  2. Ok thanks also got to say the plugin is amazing can't wait until the update :p
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  3. hey im back again lol, sorry to be a bother

    I realized before that you were right the database wasn't updated to 5.7 after I got in contact with the support again. They updated MySQL to 5.7 now but now im getting a new error, any idea what might be causing this one

  4. Hi, yes this is related to update 1.6.9 which replaces a SQL table with another but raises errors in some situations. I will get rid of those in 1.6.10 but in the meantime I have no quick fix to offer.
  5. Hello everyone. Sorry for the delay but I finally tackled the 1.6.9 issue regarding SQL errors and snapshot 1 of ZHorse 1.6.10 should help (read bellow for more details) fix it.

    ZHorse 1.6.10 snapshot 1 update ! @Schneidertm @Raigna

    Changelog :
    • Added a SQL patch to remove the SQL table 'inventory_item'.
    Known bugs :
    • Horse data that were corrupted under 1.6.9 will still be corrupted ! Please read the 'How to update' section in order to fix it.
    Future improvements :
    How to update (read this !) :

    Because of a mistake in 1.6.9 release (sorry about that), horses could not be properly cleared from database, resulting in a crash of some commands. With 1.6.10 comes a patch that allows to properly clear horses from database again. HOWEVER, horses whose data were corrupted under 1.6.9 will still be corrupted under 1.6.10. To fix this, you have three possibilities :
    • Do a proper install of ZHorse (only do this if you recently added the plugin and/or your players won't suffer from it).
      It will not make previously claimed horses disappear but players will have to claim, rename, etc. them again. Note that custom names of horses will not disappear either.
    • Execute '/zh admin clear <player name>' for players who cannot execute '/zh list' or for whom there are inconsistencies in the database (only do this if you have access to your database and can look up for corrupted horses (typically, no entry in table 'horse_stats' for a given horse in table 'horse')).
      It will free all horse of the player and he will have to claim them again (they do not disappear).
    • Ask players to do '/zh free' themselves if '/zh list' is not working. They can either spam '/zh free' until '/zh list' works again or target specific horses which they know are corrupted.

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  6. ZHorse 1.6.10 snapshot 2 update !

    Changelog :
    • Added the command /zh rez.
    • Added Spanish localization file. (thanks to Abrahan)
    • Added Hungarian localization file. (thanks to montlikadani)
    Known bugs :
    • None.
    Future improvements :
    • None.
    How to update :

    Please follow instructions of the previous snapshot if you don't have 1.6.10 snapshot 1 yet.​

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  7. Please note that I expect 1.6.10 to be the last version of ZHorse ! (Or at least before version 2.0, if it comes some day)

    I had a good time practicing Java development while working on ZHorse, testing it and playing with involved users and I am quite happy with this final result.
    However I don't play Minecraft much anymore and I think that ZHorse now contains all the features that could fit in its scope. It grew from a simple horse protection plugin to a true horse management toolset, thanks to numerous contributions and ideas from various players.

    What does that mean for the future ?

    ZHorse 1.6.10 will be released along with Minecraft 1.13, ensuring full compatibility with that version. Note however that ZHorse's code was build with future compatibility in mind, so it's very likely that it will remain compatible with subsequent MC updates.
    If it happened to not be the case, I might provide a quick fix, depending on the complexity of the case.
    If another developer would want to take over the project, he/she would have to keep it open-source and free. If possible, contacting me on Spigot/GitHub (which I will visit from time to time) to inform me would be nice.
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  8. Schneidertm


    Hey Z3dd7,

    thank you so much for your commitment and your great plugin! I really loved using it and I'll use it as long as possible. It is sad to see you go but I do fully understand that.
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  9. Will this be updated for 1.13?

    (meaning, have you found another dev yet?)
  10. Yes ZHorse will be released for MC 1.13 (the code is ready, I'm waiting for other plugins to update so I can run all my tests).
    Just note that it will not be called 1.6.10 anymore but 1.7.1. 1.7.0 will be the same version but for MC 1.12.2 .
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  11. Z3dd7 updated ZHorse with a new update entry:

    Edit update

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  12. I cant seem to claim any horses it says your claims limit has been reached yet i have not claimed any horse, i just installed the plugin..
  13. The config.yml file is located at the root of the ZHorse folder. It's pretty much the same for all plugins.
    So, edit 'server folder'/plugins/ZHorse/config.yml, save the changes and either reboot your server or use /zh reload
  14. fyi for others having the problem.. we had added he default group to the cfg.. but it appears that the groups dont inherate the other groups they are in with zhorse.. we got it to work but we had to add every rank/group with its own seperate config group
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  15. How do I remove the info when a horse gets sold and the buyer rides it?