Spigot ZHorse 1.8.2

Enjoy the advanced horse management and protection features provided by ZHorse !

  1. Hi, I and my friend translate plugin on Polish Language (locale_PL) if someone want ;).
  2. @ozy_rys Of course !

    If you are familiar with GitHub you can submit a pull request. If not, just upload the file here and I will handle it ;)
  3. I think I added a pull request :p
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  4. Love the plugin, have you considered an admin shop for buys horses?

    players could buy horses from the admin shop, creating the player a duplicate of the horse instead of transferring ownership like player to player sales
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  5. Good idea ! I will see if I can do something about it.
    Don't expect it anytime soon though.. I don't have much time too spend on zh currently and it would have to come after the graphical menu.
  6. Ofc, you are doing this on your free time, its just a hobby project.
  7. It seems you are able to spawn infinite copies of your horse by spamming the "/zh rez" command repeatedly. Is this a bug or an oversight in the code?
  8. Could you submit a new issue on ZHorse's GitHub ? I will check that when I can.
  9. How i can make a horse immunity when player claim , horse can't die or it can respawn after ... sec after die
  10. I'm not sure to understand what you are asking here... Could you rephrase it ?

    If you want to know how to protect a horse right after it is claimed, you can set the config option Settings.protect-on-claim to true. By default, it is set to false. It will do the same as if the player used /zh protect right after claiming his/her horse.
    By the way, a protected horse is immune to the damages listed in the Protections part of the config. By default, the only active protection is PLAYER_ATTACK but you can enabled them all if you want.
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  11. Is there a version that works with spigot 1.12.2?
  12. ZHorse 1.7.0 was released for 1.12.2 and is functionally the same as ZH 1.7.1 which is compatible with 1.13.0.
    However both of these are no longer supported as ZH 1.8.0 and MC 1.13 have been out for a while.
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  13. I how edit my horse, when I use /zh edit tamed adult 10:10:10 don't work :(
  14. Heyy, I have a small problem, my friend /the owner of the server/ gave me permissions to have horses, he even gave me * permission, but it still says I've reached the limit every time I try to claim the horse. Any ideas why is this happening?
    PS It happens only to me, other players can claim horses.
  15. any eta on 1.14 support?
  16. Will there be support for 1.14?
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