Zippyhost, Skynode or Clovux

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  1. Which is better thinking about skynode/zippyhost (got a test server 1G)
    I see many people say Clovux and Zippy are the best so I'm asking for your opinion
    Skynode test sever was stressed with 40 plugins and max people online
  2. Hey,

    Im guessing you got these suggestions from my thread, in my opinion as
    i stated in my thread If you are able to afford $2/gb instead of $1/gb i would
    go clovux, the performance is pretty great but the main thing that they are
    usually known for is their support. They have a great support team that really
    know their stuff.

    If you dont mind having ok support go with skynode, its the same
    price as clovux for their budget plans but they have a better cpu. Their support is ok
    but if you dont really need great support go skynode because of their i7's.

    If you dont have $2/gb to spend go with zippy, their support is fine, and their performance
    is great as they use i7's and sometimes E5's.

    Hope this helped.

    ~ Nelson
  3. I recommend use ONLY 1$/GB RAM Enjoy!
  4. first, april 19th.
    second, pebblehost oversells.
    third, pebblehost is shit.
  5. This is your opinion. In my opinion their hosting it's very cheap and good.
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  6. I don't know anything about that host, but a lot of cheap providers oversell. That's how they can offer cheaper pricing. It's normal in the hosting industry. Unless the host didn't oversell correctly you shouldn't notice. That's the whole point.
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  7. My skynode server crashes with 1GB ram while other MultiCraft hosts doesn't because they can optimize. If i would go with a hosting i would definitly go with a MultiCraft hosting there PebbleHost is now being one after their switch.
  8. Sorry, but i just had to separate the crap from the truth
    in this statement. The hosting's panel they use does not make the
    server anymore "Optimized" its the dedicated server's they use.
    Just because you had a bad experience with Skynode does not
    then automatically mean all pterodactyl panel hosts are complete
    garbage, that just does not make sense. A panel is something
    used to control your server from, it does not make it any more or less
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  9. However, i can only say my experience and not others. And my experience is that all hosting companies i have used with pterodactyl crashes, whilst multicraft does not. And if it is of any reason of panel or hardware i cant say, but thats my experience no matter what you say
  10. That's fine that its your opinion, but why would recommend
    someone something if you do not know if its 100% true. As
    you stated, your not sure if its pterodactyl or the hardware that
    played up. So please dont recommend something to someone
    if you are not sure of it.
  11. I can say that multicraft servers have 100% allocated ram and that is one reason consider multicraft
  12. That's not necessarily a good thing.
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  13. And other panels don't? Control panels are designed to start/stop and manage servers. The panel isn't a modified version of the server. It doesn't matter which panel you use they can all allocate 100% RAM, but I'm not sure what you mean by that. You can start the java process with whatever heap size you want. With or without a control panel.
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  14. I know, but what im saying is that a reason to consider multicraft is because they often start with the full ram allocated instand of allocating when it needs which is standard for pterodactyl and when it is full allocated i feel it is less lag. Tbh i may be wrong but this is my experience and im not going to lie to you i say with i experienced
  15. That is not a dedicated server? for $1 but yea, you're right..
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