Solved Zombie Attack Minigame

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  1. I have been looking for a good solid game for a few local people on a private server I host here at the house. I played once on a well known server (forgot which one) a year or more ago tand here was a zombie survival type game. They had made it with drops off zombies, upgraded weapons and armor. Also there were upgrade anvils and maybe i remember upgrade balls. I also remember there was a small forge area where you could use accumulated points to buy things in a chest and apply upgrades or something. I dont know anything else and pretty sure it was in house made but I would like to have something similar. Can anyone guide me to where I might find something like that or any others? I am not proficient with java yet.
  2. This isn't the correct section for plugin requests :)

    You could invest in a public plugin:
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  3. If you're done mark the thread as solved :)
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