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Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by Phloxz, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. Is their A resourcepack for this plugin for gun texture ?
  2. There's no resourcepack implemented
  3. yes, i am not the buyer but my friend have this plugin and this is greate and awesome so I decided to buy :D
    btw, hope can have some Discount : ]
  4. If your friend received issue then i need a message from his account in a private conversation with his Server log to figure out why you can't shoot
  5. Can you update this plugin with disable world's or enabled worlds for some aspects like scoreboard and broadcasting and I esnt to enjoy the gun with resourcepack so it will look so cool
  6. please support enabled worlds also the scoreboard and all parts of this plugin have enabledworlds whichmeans only some worlds who have in enabledworlds will the plugin works also fix the bug when we use /zombie start (MapName) it will disconnect and stop my server
  7. Also fix the bug im experiencing right now , When i use another world to start the game it will hang and will auto stop my server the plugin only support current world and dont accept world change
  8. pease supppport multiverse server and enabled worlds of this plugin because in my hub when their are 4 players even i want to use it in another world th zombie minigame plugin it will auto start even i only want the plugin to use in my another world
  9. You haven't purchased the game yet, so i guess you are using an illegal Software distributation
  10. Coorection I'm only server developer and the founder of the server is Dfurios the one who bought the plugin and second I do t even use leaking site because I know what it feels If someone use your plugin for free
  11. Ok, then its fine, only weeird to hear questions from other accounts who aren't listed at the buyers list ^^
  12. I actually don't really understand what you need, if you don't want a specific world to have the scoreboard / messages enabled ?
    Do you mean like you want to disable the scoreboard for example in arena 1 but arena 2 should still have it?
  13. I don't get what you mean with the scoreboard, take a look at my last post here above, do you mean something like that?

    Also if you do /Zombies start <MapName> do you get disconnected with an error?
    Do you receive any console errors?
  14. Is that the same error that you posted before?
    Would be awesome if you could provide any console errors so i can take a look at it
  15. If you need to have an arena in a specific world, then you need to enable the MultiArena in the config.yml and you need to setup the sign for the arena, the game will only Start when the minimum amount has been reached
  16. Don't listen to YoungJavy he is leaking plugins each time he updates his 'Hub' plugin.
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  17. Phloxz updated Zombies Minigame | [1.8-1.12] with a new update entry:

    [Added] Developer Events | V 0.2.7

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  18. @Phloxz

    %displayName_4% can use the player name? because i use gm+ will have prefix
    and why player can't use the gun? i using MultiArena and GM+

    Please believe me!
    i am the server owner so i tell someone to help me to buy it :)
  19. I already told you something about the gun several times in the old posts

    "Shooting with the Gun works fine, Right-Click has to be done to shoot. If you still can't shoot, then you would receive an console error, Start a private conversation with me by providing the Server log of the round you played and your config.yml"

    "%displayName_4% can use the player name?"
    I actually don't get what you mean, do you mean that you want to use the player name instead of the display name?

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