Premium Zombies Minigame | [1.8-1.16] [Paid]

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    Zombies Minigame | [1.8-1.12] - Like the Original Game | Unique | MultiArena | BungeeCord

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  2. Uff thinking of buying, but I do not like the price I do not have so much ...

    But actually very good plugin
  3. I use USD I have just the 10 usd but when I turn it off it tells me that I do not have it, please I could put it in dollars
  4. There will be a temporary discount going on after 0.0.3 that will be available in some minutes so just wait a bit
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  5. Willing to buy this plugin, seems very nice; As all of your plugins Phloxz, congrats bro!
    I'll hit you up asap when I get the money. Btw, does your plugin support any RP loader? I'd like to implement some textures into it :D
  6. there's no implemented Resource Pack, but you can set an Resource Pack url in the file to give the weapons some textures :)
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  7. Nice!!
    Does it have single arena mode too?
  8. Do you mean MultiArena with Sign Arenas so you can do other Stuff in the Background without playing?