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  1. Hi,
    I have for project to open a network server. For permissions, I use zPermissions which is very good and have a lot of features, especially the mysql support. But, I need help for mysql, I want to have same permissions between servers and I have really tested. I put my database in bukkit.yml on two servers that I want to connect, and I had change the config.yml of zpermissions. The first server (Hub) give his config and permissions to the database and work correctly. But my second server (Skyblock), who is in read-only mod, don't read my database, and I don't understand why. The two serveurs have the same version (1.8.3), the same database, and the same zPermission version. Can you help me for what I have to do please? Thanks :)

    For help :
    Config from the first server (Hub) :
    Config from the second server (SkyBlock) :
    Thanks in advance :)

    Ps : I'm french, sorry for translational errors.
  2. Tux


    Error logs? What is your bukkit.yml on both servers (scrub passwords)?
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  3. For server 1 (Hub), I have no error logs. When I restart the server 2 (SkyBlock), there a no error logs too. But when a player join,I get :
    I think the errors are caused by Read-Only mod, but I don't understand why :/

    For my bukkit.yml :

    Server 1 (Hub) :
    Server 2 (SkyBlock):
    It's the same config to databases.
  4. You need to make the read only sever auto-refresh from the database which can be done in the zPerms config. This can also be manually done with the zperms refresh command.
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    I haven't noticed it... are you using the latest zPermissions from Spigot Jenkins?
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  6. So, I have checked the version from the two servers and I saw that it was not the same versions :/ I was convinced that this was the same but I was wrong :/ So I have changed version from SkyBlock (b7) to b9 (the same that Hub - last available version on Jenkins) and now, the read-only mod works correctly. Sorry for that :/
    BUT, there is a "but", I don't no why, but errors logs don't disappear . Each time a player join the server, there is always errors logs :
    Sorry for my fault for versions :/
    Thanks all,

    Edit :Okay, 5 minutes after the writing of the post, errors disappeared, I don't know why :/
    Thanks Tux and Expo for your time and for your help
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