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  1. How do I give a group * permissions using zPermissions? Also is essentials.* a permission?
    And for zPermissions, since I'm not used to using it, when I'm doing permissions, do I have to do plugin.permissions.whatever: true
    with the :true or can I just leave that out?
    Thanks sorry if you don't understand what I'm saying.
  2. Here is a comment from the author:

    "In short, SuperPerms (Bukkit's permissions API) does not support wildcards. Wildcard support is the responsibility of each plugin."

    A wildcard is just the '*' you are talking about.

    So effectively looks like the answer to both your questions, no you can't use '*'.
  3. perm group (groupname) set *
    Yes, essentials.* is a permission. Add your permissions via the commands and you shouldn't have any issues.
  4. So I just have to type out all of the essentials permissions (or copy and paste the permissions) under the group? Alright thanks for replying! :)
  5. And I can do that using zPermissions?
  6. ...Yes, this is why I posted on your thread.
  7. Yeah, looks like it. You could always try adding the permission and see if it works however from that message from the author it doesn't really look like its possible :/

    Just a note: I have not used zPermissions before, I am basing this of what I find online.
  8. Looks like according to the post above, you will need to find a new permissions plugin if you wish to use this feature. :/
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