Spigot zWarp Plugin /Skript 5.0

warp teleport

  1. first of all, this is not a bungeecord related thing, a .sk file is a skript file
    second of all this:

    command /delwarp:
    send "&c&lIn /delwarp <sua warp>"

    is not how you do a skript command, you are forgetting the trigger, unless if you want to do: on command "/delwarp": then send "/delwarp"
    also what is a "skirp" ?

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  2. also to add to Chris's post.... you have this
    "Native Minecraft Version: 1.13"
    Skript is not available for 1.13 yet, so why are you saying its native version is 1.13?
    Not to mention it says you have tested it in 1.8???? WHAT?!?! So its a 1.8 skript but its native to minecraft 1.13?
    and you spelled SKRIPT wrong, you have "skirp" a few times

    "send "&a&lWarp %arg% Sitting Successfully"" Sitting? you mean set?
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    " Languages Supported: English"
    Half your skript isnt even in english??!?!

    send "&c&lEssa warp não existe"
    send "&c&lIn /delwarp <sua warp>"
    send "&c&lDe /warp <sua warp>"
    send "&c&lIn /delwarp <sua warp>"
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  4. ok sorry
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  5. I highly recommend fixing the way its written. the commands are written wrong which means they would run errors.
    I suggest re-write it and actually try it on a test server.
    Also, something this simple should not be marked as tested only on 1.8.... because if written correctly it would work on all versions
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  6. ok and I'm a beginner then because here to see the critics and everything else I already put the things of English and translated everything I just updated
  7. ok well this :
    command /warp:
    send "&c&lDe /warp <warp>"

    is still an issue and not how a script command works
  8. I don't want to sound rude, but wtf? Did you even run it in a console?
    Theres errors there that would CLEARLY show up on /sk reload.... are you even trying?
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  9. [QUOTE = "ShaneBee, post: 3084174, member: 226272"] Eu não quero parecer rude, mas wtf? Você até mesmo executou isso em um console?
    Há erros lá que apareceriam CLARAMENTE em / sk recarga .... você está mesmo tentando? [/ QUOTE]

    Yes I'm trying but like I said I'm a beginner and I did not see the mistakes on the console right now I'm going to make some
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  10. okay, well I re-wrote it, just easier than trying to help you fix the little mistakes

    Code (Text):
    command /setwarp [<text>]:
            if arg-1 is set:
                set {warp::%arg%} to location of player
                send "&a&lWarp %arg% Set Successfully"
                send "&a&lWarp &7- &cPlease specify a name for the warp."
    command /warp [<text>]:
            if arg-1 is set:
                if {warp::%arg%} is set:
                    teleport player to {warp::%arg%}
                    send "&e&lYou were teleported to %arg%"
                    send "&a&lWarp &b%arg-1% &cdoes not set"
                send "&a&lWarps &7- &6%{warp::*}%"
    command /delwarp [<text>]:
            if arg-1 is set:
                if {warp::%arg%} is set:
                    delete {warp::%arg%}
                    send "&c&lWarp %arg% Deleted"
            if arg-1 is not set:
                send "&a&lWarp &7- &cPlease specify a warp to delete."
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  11. ALSO:
    You have it posted under Bungee Bukkit > Transportation, this is not a java plugin, so it should not be there, its a skript so post it under Skript
    bukkit > Skript

  12. http://prntscr.com/k9p6id

    I can not fix it just to know the one that you passed me already arumou all the bug?
  13. because is in your Skript you have the same command written twice,
    see my example, how I have /warp /setwarp and /delwarp, thats all you need
  14. [QUOTE = "ShaneBee, post: 3084190, member: 226272"] porque está no seu Skript você tem o mesmo comando escrito duas vezes,
    veja meu exemplo, como eu tenho / warp / setwarp e / delwarp, isso é tudo que você precisa [/ QUOTE]

    Eu postei seu OK e que o seu é melhor que o meu e na próxima atualização eu vou para mais coisas, até mesmo
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