About BungeeCord

Dec 2, 2021
About BungeeCord
  • About BungeeCord

    For a long time, Minecraft server owners have had a dream that encompasses a free, easy, and reliable way to connect multiple Minecraft servers together. BungeeCord is the answer to said dream. Whether you are a small server wishing to string multiple game-modes together, or the owner of a large network, BungeeCord is the ideal solution for you. With the help of BungeeCord, you will be able to unlock your community's full potential.

    What is it?
    BungeeCord is a useful software written in-house by the team at SpigotMC. It acts as a proxy between the player's client and the connected Minecraft servers. End-users of BungeeCord see no difference between it and a normal Minecraft server.

    How does it work?
    When the player connects to BungeeCord, it bridges the connection seamlessly to the Minecraft server and allows the player to connect. From there, the player can use integrated commands and/or plugin-operated portals to move themselves to different servers. This system allows for a single server to become a network of seamlessly integrating servers. The possibilities are endless!

    Written from the ground up using all new development practices and principles, this project aims to be the most efficient, reliable and feature-packed system around. It's already dominating similar systems that are costing end-users hundreds of dollars per month.

    BungeeCord comes with the ability to load plugins that are written against its expansive API. The BungeeCord system can not only seamlessly integrate with existing set-ups, but can also be limitlessly expanded to create anything. From global ban integration to your very own M.M.O. multi-verse, BungeeCord can surely handle it.
    • BungeeCord can spread out the load of a population spanning multiple servers, taking full advantage of multi-core CPUs.
    • BungeeCord can separate your server's activities (e.x. creative, survival, minigames,...)
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