About SpawnShield

Sep 1, 2018
About SpawnShield
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    About SpawnShield

    Learn more about SpawnShield.

    SpawnShield is a revolutionary Spigot plugin from CombatLog of the highest quality.
    Final Cut Pro combines a high performance mathematical rendering system. It is
    quick and easy to use. So you can stay focused on your server.​

    Where can I buy SpawnShield?
    SpawnShield is available exclusively in the SpigotMC.org store. If you find our software available for download at an address other than the following one https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/spawnshield.38865/, please report it to us in a private message.

    What are the system requirements to use this software?
    The Hardware Requirements page shows the system requirements and why.

    Which server cores are supported?
    According to SpawnShield's license agreement:
    The plugin is intended for private use and be on a Minecraft server to add plugins to it and compatible with SpigotMC.org's server system. Any other server system derivation other than Bukkit or Spigot will not be supported by the developer(s). »

    For more information, please contact us.

    Is a trial version of SpawnShield available?
    Not currently but we are working on a server to host a demo version.

    Can I use SpawnShield on multiple servers?
    SpawnShield can be used on 3 different IP addresses. If your servers are grouped under the same IP address, it will count as one IP.

    How to extend this limitation of 3 IP addresses?
    You can purchase license extensions according to your needs by contacting us.

    How can I make the transition to SpawnShield if I own FeatherSpawn?
    SpawnShield (FeatherSpawn) being recoded from the beginning, your old configuration will not be compatible with the new version.

    Where can I send a review about SpawnShield?
    You must go to the SpawnShield plugin page and locate the "Information" block and the stars. Hover over them and put the number you want.
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