Adding Plugins

Jul 28, 2018
Adding Plugins
  • Bukkit, Spigot & BungeeCord Plugins

    Uploading your own plugin to the Spigot Resources section

    The resource section of the forums has many plugins and utilities that can be used with Bukkit, Spigot and Bungee servers.

    Adding your own plugin(top)

    In order to add your own plugin to the resources section, you will need a forum account. (Required, not optional)
    • Select "Add Resource".
    • Choose the category your plugin falls into.
    • You should have some text describing the plugin, including:
      • An accurate description of what the plugin does
      • A list of permissions that your plugin uses
      • A list of commands that your plugin uses
      • Setup information or configuration options
      • Requirements; if dependent on other plugins (differentiate between soft dependencies and dependencies)
    • You can upload a graphic logo for your plugin.
    • Select the correct category to put your plugin in
      • If it is for BungeeCord, put it in the Bungee section, etc.
      • This helps your users find the plugin, and know what it's made specifically for
    Once your resource has been created, users can:
    • Rate your plugin
    • Leave a review
    • Discuss your resource in its thread

    Plugin Rules(top)

    • Posting malicious resources is not allowed. Doing so will result in their removal and your account will be permanently suspended.
    • Posting someone else’s plugin or resource is not allowed. This includes minor edits such as configuration changes and code directly taken from tutorials / other plugins. The resource in question will be deleted.
    For further information on the rules of creating resources, please review the Spigot Rules.

    Premium Plugin(top)

    In order to list a premium plugin, you will need:
    • 80 posts + 20 positive ratings
    • 3 free resources
    • Two step verification enabled
    • An account which is at least 8 weeks old
    The plugin must be posted in the "premium" section on the forums. All premium plugins undergo an approval process before they will be publicly available.

    Basic Rules
    All premium resources are governed by the ruleset listed in the Spigot Forum Rules: In particular you should pay special note to the "Terms of Service" section. A lot of this is legal boilerplate however I would like to summarize it here so that we are absolutely crystal clear on things.
    • SpigotMC is not responsible for any resources submitted to our site.
    • Once a resource has been uploaded you are giving SpigotMC a permanent license to publish your resource in connection with these forums.
      • You retain all copyright over your resource.
      • SpigotMC staff will not distribute or use your resource for purposes other than validation and approval without first purchasing a copy.
    Content Removal
    Most of the guidelines relating to content removal are published in the above terms of service, however to recap.
    • SpigotMC is not responsible for any resources submitted to our site.
    • We reserve the right to remove any resources submitted for any reason without explanation.
    • We will do our best to expediently remove resources which are subject to good faith copyright notices.
      • In some cases where we do not believe infringement has occurred we will ask for a formal notice (DMCA or otherwise)
      • We will expediently remove any content listed in such a notice.
      • In submitting such a notice you agree to us publishing it in its entirety.
    Seller Protection
    • When buying a resource, buyers agree to a set of terms. In particular they agree to notify us via email before issuing any sort of dispute or chargeback.
    • Violation of these terms will result in their account being banned.
    • All money is sent directly to the seller via PayPal and as such we are not responsible for any of it.
      • We will however provide sellers with any reasonable requests for evidence for use within a PayPal dispute.
    Approval Guidelines
    We very much desire to keep the premium section a "free market" whereby buyers are free to pick and choose which resources they do and do not buy. This however is not always completely possible and as such we have a small number of guidelines for approved resources.
    • You must be authorised to sell the resource which you are submitting.
      • If you are not the original copyright holder, then selling the resource must be allowed in the original license AND extensive modifications must have been made to the original code.
    • "Low Effort" resources may be rejected.
      • It is up to staff to decide what constitutes a "low effort" resources.
      • If you feel that your resource is in fact not "low effort" you may appeal this decision by emailing [email protected]
      • Authors are encouraged to resubmit their resources as free resources or add substantially more functionality.
      • Any resource less than ~10kb probably contains a small amount of code and is therefore "low effort".
      • Resources which are similar to those produced by tutorials, or other first time programmers are likely to be classed as "low effort".
      • Commissioned works or works for which there is a provable demand may be exempt from this rule.
    • Plugins which contain "beginners mistakes" may be rejected.
      • This indicates you are probably not ready to begin selling your work and should probably dive back into the books.
      • By far the most common example of this is the same code repeated for 10, 50, 100 lines. Learn to use loops!
    • Resources for which there are plentiful viable free or premium alternatives may be rejected.
      • It is up for staff to decide this.
      • Common examples of this include:
        • Crate key plugins
        • Kit plugins
        • "Hub Gadgets" or similar lobby centric perks plugins
        • Particle plugins
        • Kit PvP plugins
        • Survival Games Plugins
    • Resources which center around selling Mojang assets will not be approved.
      • ie: Adding 1.8 blocks to 1.7
    • Resources should contain a description sufficient to detail their complete functionality, installation and usage. Pictures are highly desirable.
    • You are allowed to obfuscate your resources, however the decompiled code must still be at least somewhat legible by staff. We may request you use a different obfuscator or none at all.
    • Resource descriptions should be in English. If the in game text is not English this should be noted.
    • Be reasonable with your prices. The higher it is priced the more scrutiny we will give it during the approval process.
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