AdvancedLobby - Setup Tutorial

Jun 4, 2016
AdvancedLobby - Setup Tutorial
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    If you clicked here, that means that you want to see a setup tutorial.

    Setup Tutorial
    1. Buy and download the plugin.
    2. Put it on the /plugins folder and the dependencies listed on the main page.
    3. Start your server.
    4. Enter your server.
    5. Setup the lobby with /setlobby.
    6. Setup the parkour reset position with /setresetpos.
    7. Stop your server.
    8. Configure the files located on /plugins/AdvancedLobby to your liking.
    9. (OPTIONAL) Configure AdvancedBungeeLobby to your liking in other servers.
    10. (OPTIONAL) Setup the included hub maps.

    11. Finished.
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